Following Special survey · Annual survey · Occasional survey

Following that is a survey report that includes:

Special survey

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Annual survey

Occasional survey

The classification society has to issue the certificate and
the survey reports. All these files must be aboard and are the responsibility
of the master.


IMO SOx emissions regulations


The IMO regulations for sulphur oxide emissions from ships’
fuel has changed over the past eight years and the amount of permitted
emissions has reduced. The regulations are in place to control the safe levels
of Sulphur oxide (SOx) produced by all fuel types onboard ships as well as
their combustion devices and equipment when travelling within emission control areas (ECOs). Such
equipment includes engines, boilers or generators.

Up until July 1st, 2010, the fuel oil Sulphur
limit of SOx was stated as 1.50% m/m (% in mass). After that it was reduced to
1% after July 1st 2010 and the current regulations which came into
force on January 1st 2015 state that the maximum level of SOx is
0.10% m/m

The ECOs currently cover:

The Baltic sea

The North sea

North American area

US Caribbean sea area


It is commonplace for vessels to operate both within and
outside of the ECOs so compliance with the regulations regarding fuel
changeover is crucial.  Your vessel must
operate on one type of fuel before entering a ECO and then revert back to
another fuel when outside of the ECO.

Formal, written procedures outlining this process must be
available onboard for such instances. Below I will outline this process


Fuel changeover
circular for main engine

Check the Low Sulphur Fuel (LSF) calculator as this will
inform you of the correct time to begin the fuel changeover process. You must
be running on LSF before you enter
an ECO.

Prior to starting the fuel changeover (roughly
48 hours), all fuel tank levels must be recorded in the ships’ log book. You
must also record the precise time and date of the start of the oil changeover