First in order to gauge their overall strengths and

First of all,
I will be examining student A in order to gauge their overall strengths and weaknesses,
from what I have seen from student, I can clearly see that one of their
strengths is that they are very relaxed as a person. However, on some occasions
I believe that this is misconstrued for student A not caring and others may see
it as student showing a lack of interest of the task at hand. Another strength of
student A would be the fact they are adaptable this is because student A
usually would work by themselves in order to complete a task, but when placed
in a group student A would be very involved in order to get the task completed.
The last strength I would like to point out about student A would be that they are
confident this is a skill which everyone in a sense will need at some point, in
the case of student A I feel that this can be confused for student A being very
arrogant and cocky, which isn’t the case. However, student A isn’t perfect and
has flaws like everyone else. A weakness that they have would be that student A
doesn’t like to be in situations where they are not in control, along with this
student A doesn’t seem to be very good at time keeping this seems to be their
biggest flaw. In accordance to the HCPC code of conduct a paramedic must be
many things in order to be competent and classed as good in the case of student
A some of the qualities they show can be seen as qualities which tie in with
the HCPC codes of conduct for a paramedic. An example of this can be seen ‘a paramedic must be able to make swift decisions
and keep calm'(,
student A has a very relaxed approach to things which means that they will
be calm at all times this will then leave student A with a clear head in order
to make crucial decisions.’ A paramedic
must be confident in teaching and training members of the public to use first
aid techniques correctly’ ( key
word is confidence, and this is something student A has in an endless amount. Again,
this links in with composure and treatment because as paramedic you need to
have the confidence to perform the treatment you have been taught, a paramedic
will also need to have the confidence to speak up when they feel something isn’t
correct. Student A is known for being very confident which is a skill which will
help them become great paramedic. The HCPC states ‘a paramedic must be aware of the impact of culture, equality and
diversity on practice’. (
this means is a paramedic must be able to be diverse in all situations when
dealing with people of different backgrounds and different ethnicities. Situations
like this would be perfect for student A this because they are adaptable
meaning they can change to meet the demands of the situation, which with the
role of a paramedic is key because no day is the same, no job is the same, so a
paramedic will need to be prepared for anything. ‘ A paramedic must be able to communicate effectively with patients
and their relatives/friends’ (
is something which is key for a paramedic whether it be with someone of their
own age or someone much younger or older the way a paramedic communicates with
a patient is key. Student A is very confident which will help when it comes to
communicating with different groups, for example with elderly people student A
will need to not use slang or colloquial language. They will need to speak
clearly and increase tone in order for words to be understood. Likewise, with
children, the paramedic will need to lower themselves in order to be more approachable
for the child. Over time student A will hope to grow and change as a person for
the better in order to become a more well-rounded paramedic. They will be able
to do this by taking advantage off all the new resources which are available in
today’s day an age. ‘Early ambulances were kitted out to very
basic stands to what is considered today'(
this helps to show how the ambulance service has progressed over the
years with new technologies and new found medicines. for student A to become
more knowledgeable as a paramedic they should research into the history but also
research into the future to see what new technologies and, medicines are being
perfected and how it will implicate the job of a paramedic. Punctuality
was the biggest flaw for student A, a way to go forward from this would be to
work out a routine in which it sets leaves more time for them to get to places
so that they do not be late. Along with this student A can go to bed earlier so
they are more rested and can wake up at a more reasonable time.

During this essay
I will be examining the professional roles and responsibilities of a paramedic,
from this I will be able to take forward what it means to be a good paramedic
and what it takes to become a competent health care professional.

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