Financial project is one of the change management. This

Financial costs such as training, equipment transfer and custom support. Non-financial costs such as reducing employee flexibilityFinancial benefits increase production, demand and non-financial benefits as staffdevelopment.2-At what stage, and how, should Dean sell his idea to the Joinery Manager and the workers?It is important to have a fully designed and expensive plan that will announce to the manager and the workers sequentially on the same day before the execution3- How different would the cell work be to that in themain Joinery Department?The carpentry management differs from the work cell in that the main carpentry management is the recruitment process, employing about ten “employers” skilled, who have very broad skills, and a very high degree of self-governance to plan and monitor their work. Work independently and be responsible for quality4- Should Dean differentiate the working environment byproviding distinctive work-wear such as T-shirts anddistinctively painted machines, in order to reinforce acultural change?The Dean should implement the proposed changes because as mentioned before, the project is one of the change management. This means that the Department should build an organizational culture based on the process of innovation. Staff were the organization’s most important asset, and senior management should therefore create the best possible working conditions designed to maximize staff satisfaction. This is a critical consideration in the current scenario because the current processes will be fundamentally redesigned. This means that the Dean will have to sell this idea to the workers because the cell manufacturing system will entail completely different business processes. The Dean should therefore implement the proposed changes in order to bring about a cultural change.5-What risks are associated with Dean’s proposal?Not dealing with change well perhaps the biggest risk is the failure to achieve volume growth necessary to maintain a specialized, large cell. and The risks associated with the Dean’s proposal are associated with the costs to be incurred as a result of the reconfiguration of the plant’s floor. Work will also be discontinued during the implementation process