Financial administrative corruption to ensure their cooperation in eliminating

Financial& administrative corruption: which is an abuse of public power to achievespecial gain, is a real challenge that my community is facing hence corruptioncould be the major cause of destroying everything or preventing anything from developingup.  In Iraq which is a growing communityunder critical circumstances, I think corruption is the cause behind the lag inbuilding up new primary schools for children and implementing the uses oftechnology and E-learning in all education levels which leads to Illiteracy amonghuge number of young people, the future of our country. Corruption also put thehealth services in Iraq at the bottom of WHO list health level. On the other  hand With regard to the economic effects ofthe phenomenon of corruption,  corruptioncontributes to the decline in the role of public investment and the weakeningof the level of services in the infrastructure due to bribes andmisappropriations that limit the resources allocated for investment in these .While developing countries seek to attract foreign investment resources in thelargest and best quality, corruption in Iraq led most of investment to runaway.Althoughcorruption need a huge governmental work to eradicate it, but on a personallevel I would say: I could work alone or with my colleagues as a group orthrough civil society organizations, in the process of financial andadministrative reform and combating corruption. Also I can educate my citizensabout their rights and duties and the seriousness of financial andadministrative corruption to ensure their cooperation in eliminating it.

On theother hand, I can encourage employees within the government departments toprovide the information they have about suspicious operations that mayconstitute financial and administrative corruption crimes. All those could beachieve through direct contact with peoples or by spreading posters, or usingthe social network media.TheIraqi community should push the government and empower its role to revitalizeand implement policies necessary to eradicate administrative corruption as adevastating phenomenon of the economic development process though many stepslike:1.Rotate staff and officials with constant suspicion to ensure that theconstruction of the focal points and networks of corruption that constitutecancer in the body of the community.2.

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Raise salaries of the employees to ensure the provision of a minimum of luxurywhich prevents them from being dragged into the cracks of financial andadministrative corruption.3. Tighteningthe penalties imposed on the perpetrators of financial and administrativecorruption to form a system special and general deterrent to anyone who begshimself to slip into this dangerous slider.4.

Activating the role of oversight bodies inpublic administrations and regularly inquires about the sources of wealth ofofficials to ensure that they do not accumulate the money obtained from theirfinancial and administrative corruption.5. Accession to international conventionsseeking to combat the manifestations of financial and administrative corruptionand the use E – government methods to reduce the friction of the citizen withthe public servant and so on may result in temptations to facilitate proceduresfor certain amounts of money