Finally, a year, does not change. But the sun

Finally, another thing that make Saigon special to me that is weather.Saigon has two specific seasons: rain and sunny. The rainy season usuallystarts in late May, ending in early December. But recently, the rainy seasonstarts to get a bit messy.

The rainy season may be in March, April. Sometimes,it even starts in July. But it ends very soon. Saigon rain is no longer thesame as it used to be, lasting day after day.

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Now, the rains come very quickly,5-10 minutes only. And the sun is shining easy comes and easy goes, it also goeswith the hot and humid atmosphere. The sunshine of Saigon, almost all around ayear, does not change. But the sun is not as hot as people think, still veryairy. Some tourists come to Saigon, saying that: Saigon is sunny, but stillvery cool and airy, not hot and cramped. Because Saigon has a lot of wind, thewind brings cool steam, soothing the summer atmosphere.  Saigon afternoonis the hottest, the temperature is sometimes up to 39 degrees.

However, earlyin the morning and the evening, is extremely pleasant, the air is soothing, andthere is a lot of wind. If you go out or travel Saigon this time of the day, itshould be the best time to experience it. In the lately night, it can be said,this is the best time for people to enjoy the air, not cold, not hot, verypeaceful. Almost every yearSaigon climate does not change, every day, every season is the same: hot at noon,pleasant in the morning and the evening. Only at the end of the year, theevening is a bit cold and the weather is better with warm sunshine. Theyear-end weather is super different, not in the cold but in the Central andNorth.

In the South, or in Saigon, the year-end climate is not warm, gentle,but the spring breeze brings a sense of peace and warm, a feeling that is hardto describe. Heaven is like changing clothes, everyone feels a very wonderfulatmosphere, very fresh, and young.