Finall, outdoor light and he also taught cezanne to

 Finall, diferance between cezanne and Renoir   invoved  influnces.

Cezane greatly influnced by Camille Pissaro .Whereas Renior was admired by Gustave Courbet and Eduardo Manat.PIsarro had played significant role to   encourae Cezanne to paint in  outdoor light  and he also taught cezanne to lighten his color .Not only that cezanne learned short brush strokes style from Pisarro(www.biography.

com 2017).In others words ,scine 1872 Cezanne  started to paint out of door after he met pissaro.For examples,villa  Bhind Tress(1879),The cottage of Auerus(c.1873),Forest(1992),Bhind The Road (1878),La montagne saintre victoire(1882-85)  these all paintings  are painted in open nature with vivid and bright color(Huyghe 2017).while Gaucherie (2015) revealed that Renior was inspired to use an appropriate  color plate  using a palette knifes and motivited  to paint Mythological paintings.

A fine evidance is Diana the hunter painted in 1867 by Reaior .The picture is nude and the style of the paintig shows the influnce of courbet  an realistic painter   because   special  attention given to blood coming from the animal,s mouth and surface of rock  is unstylish  that  make picture so real and he used a palette knife to apply his color which was favourie technique of coubet()IN addition,cezanne was highly inspired by romantic painter  Eugene Delacroix as  he learned  to use color perfectly instead of lines to define object and  to apply loose brush strokes.for instance,Man In Blue cap(1865-67),Washing of a Corpsse(1867-89 in Both picture he  had exposed  depath of fealing and applied thick  color to make brushwork visible without fosucing lines(Hugye 2017).On the other hand Renior  work was greatly influnced by Rapheal and other Renaissance  as  he gained skill to draw outlines of  picture perfectly and to use color clearly.

The  most particular example of the influnces of them on Renoir can be found in The Bathers (1842-1919). Frimnes of outline,smooth  texture and clarity of colour  remarkably make that picture  complete.