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     Final Year Project Proposal       PickHalal           Submitted By                                        Student Name                                               Registration Number       Waqas Ali                                                            14-SE-94 Obaid Ullah Khan                                                14-SE-86         Zahid Nawaz Adil                                                14-SE-98                      Supervisor   Madam Huma Lecturer SED, UET Taxila     DEPARTMENT OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING                FACULTY OF TELECOMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY TAXILA   January 2018   Contents PickHalal 0 Chapter 1. 1 Project Goal: 1 Aims & Objectives: 2 Deliverables: 2 CHAPTER 2. 2 Ø      Background: 2 Ø      Literature Review: 3 Ø      Facts and Finding. 3 Ø      Market Survey: 4 Survey Summary.

9 Chapter 3. 11 Methodologies: 11 Project Development Phases: 11 Evaluation parameters: 12 Timeline: 12 Chapter 4. 13 Utilization: 13 Beneficiaries: 13 Detailed Work Plan & Market Forecasting: 13 Budget Requirements: 14 Market Forecasting: 14 Chapter 5. 15 Conclusion:. 15 References: 15   Chapter 1Project Goal:•        A webapplication to provide services for people to buy halal animals and meatonline.•        Targetingan industry which is lacking quality of food and service.•        Provideassistance to the customers as well as the business owner.

•        Smootheningof day to daily execution work.  Aims & Objectives: •        Tofacilitate the customers and consumers of meat and animal buyers for efficient,flexible and fast ordering system by implementing smart order mechanism.•        Generatetimely Sales & Expense reports through Web Application•        Providesecure online backup for business data. Deliverables:•        WebApplication•        SRSDocument•        UserManual•        Thesis     CHAPTER 2Ø  Background:Throughout ages animal and meat industry in Pakistan has been runningon manual ordering and billing system and also low quality of meat which is provingto be detrimental for the consumers and high rates of sacrificial animals inmarkets.

And the administration needs of this fast-paced world have beenrapidly changing day by day which forces meat industry here to break the slow-pacedlegacy and start by taking a new path to handle administration billing and orderingsystem otherwise they will be left far behind in this cut-throat competitionage. That being said the problem inthe legacy system are dealt on operational basis by not only owners andadministration but also by the Customers which effects the overall reputationof the company giving a negative blow to the management.What we have to offer is the solution based on Smart Ordering andguaranteed quality of product using internet enabled devices and which not onlywill be convenient and fast for customers but will also solve the problemsaddressed above of the administration and in turn will benefit the owners byimproving its reputation. Our system will enable the consumer to buy halalanimals online from our website. We will establish our setup as brand andintroduce it as a meat vendor in the market. Ø  LiteratureReview: Intoday’s fast paced world, almost every product is available online.

Pakistan ismoving fast towards this era of digitalization and online businesses. We havemany products available to buy/sell online from our phone or any internetenabled devices. Still.

There is great scope for new products and services.Wehave identified a product which has no online presence till now but has greatpotential to be a successful online business. We will sell halal animals to bebought online through our website. At first, we are mostly targeting theEid-Ul-Adha event to sell animals for slaughter and then gradually we willexpand our site to provide service throughout the year. Animals will be availableto be served as meat to big restaurants and provide quality halal meat to thepeople under our brand. We will develop a website to let peoplebuy animals from easily through a simple online process and withthe option to pay after shipping as well as prepaid.

Website will have animalsdisplayed with weight, price, height, colour and different attributes andverified as healthy and healthy by qualified Islamic scholars and doctors.Customers will have the ability to view, filter, search on different attributesto buy according to their needs and leave a review for our product andservices.The system being used currently is out dated and doesn’t meet thegrowing demands of the modern world, which cannot perform the required actionsquite well giving many errors which are very inconvenient in real time.  Ø  Factsand Finding This part of report emphasizes on the research done on the topic chosen:Ø  MarketSurvey:After visiting many local butcher shops in theterritory of Lahore, and talking to different people as well as conducting asurvey, the potential for the adoption of the proposed solution is analyzed.

Our survey was focused on the problems people findwhile buying animals from the market. The information is gathered by the meansof small questionnaires containing basic questions, that are to filled oranswered by the locals or butchers i.e. some of the basic questions included inthe questionnaire are listed below.¾    Explainyour current working / scenario of your restaurant?¾    Whatspecifications do your current system provide you?¾    Doyou believe a system can simplify your task?¾    Whatare the limitation of your current system?¾    Whatmore do you want from the system, so that it will be more efficient andbeneficial?¾    Whatare the everyday problems you are facing with customers in receiving anddelivering orders?We also conductedinterview of meat consumers about their confidence in buying meat. People inmajor cities are hesitant to buy meat due to health of animals and moreimportantly the fact that even the animal was halal.We searched for existingsolutions that are providing similar services. We found three websites withsimilar theme.

They sell halal animals to the consumers. But they are limitedto selling animals only. Three websites currently working are BakraOnline.PKi,EidQurbani.PKiiand BakraOnline.

comiiiBakraOnline.Pk:This website is currentlyworking in selected cities of Pakistan including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad. Its head office is in Islamabad. The working of thiswebsite is that they show their animals online on the website and customers canplace order on the website. But they have to return policy mentioned. And theytake payment in advance before the animal is shipped to customer. And if thecustomer don’t like the animal on delivery, the customer can not return it.Below are a few screenshots of the website.

The figure 1 shows the homepage, figure 2 shows aspecific animal and figure 3 is showing payment options available on theirwebsite.Figure 1: Showing the homepage ofBakraOnline.PkFigure 2: Page to place order of aanimalFigure 3: A page displaying theirpayment methods. website is currentlyoperated in Karachi by a dairy form owner. They provide their delivery servicesonly within Karachi.

This website is well designed but it is not updated. Theyare still showing the out of stock animals from last year on their homepage.The following figure 3shows their homepage and figure 4 shows a animal selected from the list.Figure 4: Homepage of EidQurbani.

Pk Figure 5: A page showing a specificproduct is a incomplete andabandoned site. There idea was similar to the two above websites with no newfeature but they had superior design to engage the customers.There were some websiteencountered which remained just and idea and they were abandoned in their earlyphases of development. Figure 6: Home page of SurveySummaryThe gathered survey reports in market survey iscompiled and summarized to make out the following conclusions.

We concluded that the meat market in Pakistan is very vulnerable.People do not trust the current system. We will have to establish our businessas a brand which is trustworthy and on which people can relay. Due to thereason that rates of animals in markets are high and they get even higher nearthe Eid-Ul-Adha, people face difficulty in finding an animal for sacrifice onthe holy occasion. We will enable customers to easily buy a sacrificial animalonline. Not only they will have better rates, but also save them time andeffort to buy the animal from the market.The problems mentioned above are to be addressed during our project.From the literature review we established that the current working solutions donot provide the ease to the customers.

Customers can not choose to return theanimal if they do not like it upon arrival. They ask the customers to pay inadvance. There is no cash on delivery feature on either of the website.Our proposed system will address these issues. Firstly, we will designthe interface keeping at as simple as possible for customers to easilyinteract. The customers will be able to browse our website to see differentanimals listed there as in previous sites.

But the unique feature of our sitewill be that customers can reserve the animal for inspection at their doorstep. It will cost them a little shipping fee and if they do not like theanimal, they can return it with a no question asked policy. Some of theprevious websites are providing a slaughter system where customers do not haveto be there, they just pay online and their money is used in slaughteringanimal collectively with other contributors. We will not offer this feature. All the described websites are well developed and offer a good userinterface. But the major down fall for their business is little to no marketingand mismanagement to keep the website updated.

                         Chapter 3Proposed Solution Methodologies: Project Development Phases:The modules provided by the system are given below.·        Front EndThe front end of the webapplication will be developed to directly interact with our customers. Thepeople who want to buy animal from us can visit us online at our website. Therewill be different sacrificial animals displayed on the website.

The customercan click on any animal to further see the details of that specific animal. Theinformation about the animal will be weight, type, age and price. Customers candirectly order the animal to be taken to their house.

·        Back EndThe back end of the applicationwill be available to the data administrator and sales representatives. They cantrack the orders received. Whenever a new order is received, it will beforwarded to sales department to make arrangement for departure of the animalto the customers home. The back end users are alsoresponsible to enter new animals, set an animal as sold, or setting it asreserved which will mean animal is currently being delivered to a customer forinspection. If the customer buys the animal, its status will be marked as sold,otherwise it will be marked again as available for other customers to browse onour website.

·        Managerial PortalThis portal is for managers of thesystem. They can manage and supervise all the resources of the organization.The can see all the stats about the sales and animal reservations on thewebsite. They can also manage the information of other employees of theorganization.

 ·        DatabaseDatabase will be developed and integrated withwebsite to store all the information of our system in a centralized system. Thedatabase will assist us to automated the process of order processing and givesus the power to supervise all the jobs being done·        ReportsReport part will include•        Dailysales/expense report•        Weeklysales/expense report•        Monthlysales/expense report•        Yearlyreports•        Generalledger reportsThe reports are displayed on the webapplication for managers.Evaluation parameters:The proposed system will be evaluated on the completion of abovementioned modules.The proposed system will be based on MVC pattern and ORM technology.

It will consist or a web application with three different panels1.     Adminportal for managing all kind of transactions and managers.2.     Back endfor our employees and managers to run the system.3.

     Front endWebsite for customers  Timeline:  Chapter 4 Utilization:            Weare dividing end user in two categories.1.      Customers.

2.      Admin Panel controlling the Main systemCustomerswill interact directly to main system through Web application provided to them.The best advantage they can get from our system is that they won’t have to physicallyvisit an animal market to buy animal. It will save their time specially duringthe occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha.  Inperspective of the management, organization can get their hands-on recordsreally quick. The managers and admin can quickly see the insight at their dashboards.Theabove analysis suggest that technology plays a major role in nowadays world forit to take over the top organizations in business.

Beneficiaries:This system benefits a vast majority of peoplein the Restaurant domain who are:·        Meatconsumers.·        Animalbuyers.·        Restaurants.·        Fast foodchains. Detailed Work Plan & Market Forecasting:      TheDevelopment plan is discussed above in Timeline section. It constitutes of fourphases, namely requirement gathering and market study, design of the website,implementation of the design and testing. Till now we have completed the firsttwo phases of our work plan.

After finals we will start working onimplementation and then testing. The timeline for our workplan is discussed indetails in Timeline section. Initiallywe are looking forward to take this system up to somehow three of one majorcity i-e Lahore.

We were there while doing market survey. In our market surveywe noticed the need for a fast service and quality animals and meat. Eventhough we did not disclose of working to produce a system, we could feel a gapin market for such a system. The room of improvements in the current manual workingsystem and quality of product seemed to be matching our requirements ofproject.

We are quite confident that after that we can increase our goals toother organizations as well. This was the marketing plan.Budget Requirements:Thebudget for initial launch of application includes budget for the purchase ofcloud base server/hosting and domain for the web application that will costround about ten thousand rupees. These are technical budget requirements.Forthe actual business before launch we need budget to buy animals and also rent aplace to keep them. For this we need investors.

We plan to attend businessseminars and conferences and use our networking and ideas to attract investors.Initially we need 500 animals for which average price per animal is Rs.15000. Fora rent dairy farm, we will need Rs.

10 lacs. Later on, we need budget formarketing and promotion of the system. On start we intend to invest Rs. 20 lacson marketing and later on 30% of our profit will be dedicated for marketing(the social media cost is also included in it).Market Forecasting:Infuture we strongly believe that with growing population and ever decreasingquality of meat products our website and business will be a major player infinancial circles. Sooner rather than later many such businesses will emerge inthe market. There are examples of such meat providers in developed countries whichare providing excellent service and product and in return doing great business.

        Chapter 5Conclusion: The above results show the need of a powerful system andgood and trustworthy service for this growing industry to cope up with thedifficulties of consumers and customers, and the proposed system containsmodules that can fill up the need and most likely this business module will beadopted by other owners. References:i  “Bakra Online.” from ii  “Eid Qurbani.” from iii “BakraOnline” from