Fate happens whether they want it to happen or

Fate and destiny are what decides what happens inour lives, with there being a reason for the placing of our lives. Fate is theunavoidable is certain to happen in everybody’s lives, fate and destiny lead tooutcomes that were pre-planned and meant to happen. This is a major theme, inWilliam Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare shows the idea of fate anddestiny in his play by supporting this idea to his audience by repeatedlyshowing that Romeo and Juliet’s doomed love was pre-destined from the verystart, with famous quotes, foreshadowing events of the play, and the talk ofastrology and how it affects the characters, and to show fate happens whetherthey want it to happen or not.  The prologue informs what will occur in the play,this is the first occasion when we are told about the tragic fate of thechildren of the two families of the Montagues and the Capulets.

The audiencewas informed that Romeo and Juliet would die and in love and that it was aforbidden love because both their families were foes against each other. Thisis their pre-arranged future, and this is told because of the fact that this aplay of tragedy, and this not a mystery. There is also a famous quote that hasa big effect on the prologue is the title given to the couple, and it is thequote ‘Star-crossed lovers’. This is also talking about fate, the effect ofastrology on Romeo and Juliet. Fate and destiny were all based on what waswritten in the stars for you, and the story of the star-crossed lovers wasalways meant to be. The young couple were victims of an unavoidable andunbreakable love by fate and destiny. The famous title of the young couple isn’t thefamous quote, there are numerous well-known sayings and quotes about destinyand fate for Romeo and Juliet’s relationship in Shakespeare’s play. Romeo’sdialogue for when he has a feeling of fear that the stars have something boundto happen that night: ‘I fear, tooearly, for my mind misgives  Some consequenceyet hanging in the stars Shall bitterly begin his fearful date With this night’s revels, and expire the term Of a despisedlife closed in my breast By some vileforfeit of untimely death.

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‘ ( Act 1 Scene). This anticipates he will fall inlove with Juliet as soon he sees her and that there outcomes to the upcomingevents. When Juliet sends Nurse to look for Romeo’s name she says ‘If he bemarried. My grave is like to be my wedding bed.

‘ (Act 1 Scene 5). Julietforeshadows her own death, her grave does become her wedding bed. ‘How if, whenI am laid into the tomb, I wake before the time that Romeo come to redeem me?'(Act 4 Scene 3) are Juliet’s stresses of the possiblenegative outcomes with Romeo and her, these are for mostly showing the bad luckof the two and that their deaths will reflect off their words.

  Some more quotes that foreshadow important events inthe play also come from other characters, an important quote from Benvolio ‘Ido but keep the peace. Put up thy sword, or manage to part these men with me.'(Act 1 Scene 1). This demonstrates Benvolio will be the peace creator andmoderator all through the play, and that he is a very important and faircharacter. Mercutio has a very effective quote, and it was one of his lastwords ‘A plague on both your houses’ (Act 3 Scene 1).

This anticipates thedeaths of both the Capulet and Montague families, the reason it is so effectiveisn’t just because of the predicting but because Mercutio was a strong andloved member of the Montague family. For Mercutio’s last words to wishsomething as strong as a plague to be among not just on the Capulet family butas well as the Montague’s is an intense thing for him to say. Romeo and Juliet are victims of destiny and fate.Romeo and Juliet’s lives are predetermined but are also a series ofheartbreaking and unfortunate events. Romeo and Juliet’s ill-fated lives areportrayed as ‘death-marked’, and they are a ‘ pair of star-crossed lovers’.

Neither of the young couple wanted to love each other to begin with, Julietlonged for Romeo to have some other name than a Montague, and Romeo didn’t wantto believe that she was a Capulet. Romeo also didn’t want any harm done to thetwo families even in the beginning, yet Tybalt had murdered Mercutio and Romeohad murdered Tybalt in order to defend Mercutio. However Romeo and Juliet doaccept their fate and go on as lovers, but it backfires. Once Tybalt had beenmurdered by Romeo, the star-crossed lovers go through a quick and majordownfall of much bad luck and it causes to take their own lives. They died fortheir love, they accepted their love for one another and decided they rather bedead together than to be alive and away from each other. Shakespeare had Romeoand Juliet as victims of fate and destiny, to show that there’s a certainextent of being a victim of fate and destiny and you are able to decide if youaccept it or not.

 Fate and destiny are what chooses what happens inour lives, with there being an explanation behind the putting of our lives. Sowith Shakespeare’s opening words, the audience were urged encouraged to believethat Romeo and Juliet were bound to die with each other. The audience were alsoreminded over and over again the end of the play won’t be a happy ending, fromthe many foreshadowing all through the whole play. Shakespeare influenced us tothink about fate and how free our actions are truly are.