Farinelli’s environment. Unlike Holl, Ambasz, Mayne, and Eisenman all

Farinelli’s interview is based on five renowned architects’ exploring the architectural significance of clichés spanning several generations, and their responses about their comprehensive portrait of their own vision of architecture.The designing of the needs of human beings and the building is the art of architecture, but Is there architecture without buildings?Ingels think that architecture applied to a lot of things other than a building, what he meant that from his point of view, architecture should be designed to adapt the outside environment. Unlike Holl, Ambasz, Mayne, and Eisenman all qualify architecture must be concerned with the building as Aldo Rossi’s architecture was writing and drawing, it’s paper architecture but his drawing was all concerned about buildings.  But I believe that Ingels is right about the adaptation of building to its immediate environment as in today’s world, architecture has always played a huge role in climate change and can be a solution. Bjarke Ingels’ hedonist architecture, is a “pragmatic utopian” as he incorporates the playful sustainability is his building to increase the standard lifestyle.

As he said, “I like the idea that until the birth of architecture and technology, life was evolving by adapting to its surrounding.” Eisenman, a well-known architect characterized by his DE constructivism architecture, defined architecture by language, mostly written and drawing architecture. Eisenman thinks that technology has no place in architecture because it takes away the possibility of being creative.  Is architecture hiding behind technology?I disagree with his opinion as I think it only works for art, but architecture works the opposite direction as nowadays the use of technology leads us to a new way of thinking. However, on the other hand, I agree with Holl’ statement in the interview about technology as technology in architecture gives us more possibilities to represent generate and construct buildings. Unlike Eisenman’s language architecture, they all agree that technology is transforming architecture.Is there architecture without architects?All agree that there is architecture without architects except Eisenman and Ingels. However, I agree with them as the building environment we are living may have been incorporating with humanity without involving architects but in my opinion, every member of the society is essentially practicing it and therefore it fair to say in my opinion, that there is architecture without architects.

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 However, I agree with all five practicing architects about that digital technology is redefining architecture. All the modern and new technological devices, architects, designers, and engineers are now able to visualize and experience the inside and outside of a project before it’s built. Farinelli’s interview with the five renowned architects is lack of response about what they really think about architect as the exchange they had between them is missing.