Experiencing the audience virtually from another corner of the

Experiencing virtual reality in a three dimensional space is a fascinating experience and its one of the many horizons, the scientific and research community has laid their steps on. Imagine a live broadcast of a soccer match in one corner of the world and one can experience being among the audience virtually from another corner of the globe. The implications of virtual reality in real physical world are enormous and there is a huge research potential in the near future when the computer networks will no more have long delays. Keeping in view virtual reality and its diverse implications, we have tried to utilize it in the gaming and entertainment industry. We tried, through our developed game, to make the user a three dimensional experience in virtual reality. The aim of the thesis work is to showcase different aspects of virtual reality and to let the end user experience a three dimensional space while in virtual reality. The game, Ninja Free Running, is developed using Unity 3D engine. We used IDE Mono Develop for coding which is a built in functionality in Unity. The development is done using C# which could also be done using JavaScript. Apart from that maya 3D software tools is being used to create the environment and characters. Adobe Photoshop is used in order to create user interface (UI) related functionalities like buttons, images, logo and background. Though some of the animations are also created in unity by using the animator. Android SDKs and java based jdk are used for building the game for an android platform. Google GVR cardboard package is used to convert the game into virtual reality. The user can then use joystick controller to control the players’ movements and also the environment in general. GVR reticle pointer is used to point and click the buttons of the UI. GVRViewerMain is used to view the game in realm VR cardboard. Audio listener detects the sound from an audio source. We can put the required settings into the controller through unity input manager by setting the axes and button details. The game has the capability to be run in both desktop and android mobile platforms. Moreover, it can also run in a 3D virtual reality environment via VR headset. The game is an initial effort but the idea can be further enhanced not necessarily for the gaming industry but the implications are numerous.