Everybody the “FREE AIR” by heating mercuric oxide(HgO) and

Everybody has heard of oxygen, more commonly know asthe “thing” which is the basis of all life on our planet. Andsometimes, a “thing” for conspiracy theorists how it slowly poisonsus. Amazing world we live in. But limited to only as the thing we living beingsneed to survive. Before i start my gibberish “thing”, this”thing” can make you high ;). Haha.

Since, I have your attention nowlet us dig a lil’ deep into it.AND I HAVE INSERTED A RAP ABOUT OXYGENSOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN :)Third most abundant element in the universe by mass (triggeredconspiracy theorists), after helium and hydrogen, member of group 16 (no,not a boy band) or VI A, period 2 of the periodic table, the one andonly, free air (WHAT?), the dephlogisticatedair (the what?), the OXY-GEN ( finally,the one i’ve heard). What did i mean by this, some of you might bewandering. Just pointed out the fact that our beloved oxygen was not alwaysnamed oxygen (pewdiepies’ voice). WHY? Because oxygen is a cheater!Discovered by CarlWilhelm Scheelein 1773 or maybeearlier and by Joseph Priestly in 1774, separately. (GetsDiscovered by just anybody ;), you could discover it too and name it as youplease, and the way to discover the gas-whore, the ways are here somewhere, Youjust have to find it and name it. And also i have not specified the gender ofthe gas-whore, not a misandrist or a misogynist). Although, Carlwilhelm scheele discovered it prior, Joseph priestly is given the creditbecause of his early published work, (Life, eh?).

Scheelediscovered the “FREE AIR” by heating mercuric oxide(HgO) and variousnitrates, whereas Priestly focused sunlight on Mercuric oxide inside a glasstube, which liberated the “DEPHLOGISTICATED AIR.” (So, whonamed the gas the what has been cleared). So, who gave the name”oxygen”. Who have we missed? Antoine LaurentLavoisier. First he named itvital air, and later changed it to oxygène in 1777, which can be broken downinto oxy(acid in greek) and genes(producer).

WHY? because he mistakenlybelieved that oxyen was a constituent of all acids. Even though the idea behindwas wrong but the name remained. With this, we’ve completed the H-I-S-T-O-R-Ysection.With a A++ in history section, without any further a-due, let metalk about the type of element oxygen is and also it’s properties. Since it ischemically reactive it’s never found in it’s atomic state and is found in freestate in air as O2, dioxygen, where two oxygen atoms arechemically bound to each other. This is the form of oxygen that we all livingbeings use, OXYGEN GIVETH AND TAKETH THE LIFE AWAY.PROPERTIES SECTIONSYMBOL: OELECTRONIC CONFIGURATION: 1s22s22p4 OR He2s22p4ATOMIC NUMBER (Z): 8ATOMIC WEIGHT: 16 (15.


9620C (-297.3320F)DENSITY AT STP: 1.429 g/LPRESENCE IN ATMOSPHERE: 21% BY VOLUME AND 23% BY WEIGHT (IN O2 FORM)ENTHALPY OF FORMATIONH: (Positive meaning, energy is required)ATOMIC OXYGEN (O) : 249 kJ/molOXYGEN OR DIOXYGEN (O2): 0 kJ/molOZONE (O3): 143 kJ/molWe already found that its’ presence is huge(Uge, ;)).With about 50% of mass inside the earths’ crispy and hot crust, 80% by weightin water and about 50-70% in plant and animal tissues. I mean, look at thenumbers, it was no mere coincidence that it was discovered by so many people.( ORDID IT LET ITSELF TO BE FOUND OUT? WE”LL NEVER KNOW ). And incombined form with metals and nonmetals to form oxides, basic or acidic. Getsalong with just almost everybody.

Also, found in other states which are known as the allotropes ofoxygen. (WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THIS OXYGEN! GAS WHORE CONFIRMED). So,before we discuss about these, first, what is allotropy? Dictionary.com definesit as “one of two or more existing forms of an element. Eg: Diamond andgraphite are two allotropes of carbon.” Already learned that there are twoallotropes of oxygen in the properties section. Diatomic or dioxygen or thewhich we normal people call oxygen, and triatomic or the good guy ozone.( Beforeanything else, WHAT IS ALL THIS FUSS WITH OZONE, OZONE IS REAL YOU FAKE PEOPLE)We’ve almost discussed everything about the DIOXYGEN (O2).

Most common allotrope of elemental oxygen onearth, also known as molecular oxygen and more commonly know as oxygen.With a bond length of 121 pm (picometer) and a bond energy of498 kJ/mol. The properties are mentioned above in the properties section ofoxygen found in the atmosphere.

OZONE (O3)Ozone needs its own heading because it has been subjected toharsh conditions by us, humans. The triatomic state of elemental oxygen, whichis much less stable than the diatomic allotrope. It is formed in thestratosphere region when UV light and other electrical discharges present hitthe diatomic oxygen.

With the higher concentration region lying in the ozonelayer of the atmosphere, which is responsible for abosrbing most of the UVradiation from the sun, which otherwise would have caused skin cancer.BEFORE IT STARTS GETTING TOO MONOTONOUS, THERAP IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY.Because of depletion of this layer, we have banned the use ofCFCs and related hydrocarbons. And recently in news, we heard that the depletedlayer is slowly recovering, a good news for us. We are not dying of cancer.

HURRAY! If you’re interested in this then here’s a LINK how the scientists involved found outthat it’s healing itself. (PHOENIX OF SOME KIND)