Every contains vitamin B-9 & folic acid which stimulates

         Every human being be it, men and women, all seek for a healthy and strong hair for their overall stylish look.In today’s world, hair plays a very important role in one’s personality.Everyone is very much concerned about their hair nowadays because they are not able to give proper time for caring their hair due to their busy schedules.

Before we start looking the Remedies for preventing hair loss we must know some of the factors which play an important role in hair fall or hair loss :1.Hormonal Disproportion2.Old Age3.

Improper Diet4.Excessive use of chemical product5.Sudden weight reduction6.Poor immune system7.

Combing wet hair result in hair loss8. Avoid using hair dryer on high settings1. Coconut MilkCoconut milk is rich in nutrients and the wealthiest sources to sustain the tissues of your hair. Apply coconut milk to your hair.

Coconut milk can be obtained by grinding the grated coconut and crushing its juice (milk). This is one of the oldest home remedies for preventing hair loss.2. Aloe Vera to defeat hair fallAloe Vera is amazing oldest plants that contain 75 nutrients which is very helpful for hair growth as well as for preventing hair fall.

Apply and massage Aloe Vera gel to the scalp of the hair nicely, then keep it for few hours and after that wash it with lukewarm water. 3.Gooseberry(Amla) to prevent hair lossAmla or Indian Gooseberry is the best superfood for hair.It is very helpful in making the hair strong and in this way it reduces the hair fall.

It acts as a conditioner & its medical benefits assist in hair growth.Methods to use Amla for hair*Mix 2 tbsp of Amla juice with 2tbsp of lemon & apply all over the scalp. Let it get dry naturally & then after 2 hours wash hair with lukewarm water.*Another way of treating hair fall is to boil some dried Amla in coconut oil till it gets black.Let the oil cool down and after that apply this oil all over the scalp.

4. Fenugreek (Methi)Fenugreek seeds not only acts wonderfully in reducing the hair fall but also it helps in dandruff control as well as makes the hair strong from the root.Methods to use Soak Fenugreek seeds night long in water and blend it into a fine paste. Apply the paste all over the scalp and hair evenly. Let the paste get dry naturally and keep it for 40min. After that wash hair with shampoo. 5.Egg white to reduce the hair lossEgg White is a rich source of protein and minerals that in hair growth and reduces hair loss.

It also contains vitamin B-9 & folic acid which stimulates healthy hair.Methods to use Take out 2 egg white and mix it with olive oil & make a smooth paste. Apply this paste all over the hair and scalp and keep it for at least 15-20 min.

After that wash it with a mild shampoo.6.Hibiscus(Gudhal) for stopping hair fallHibiscus is one of the most known herbs, which is tried, tested & proved way for hair growth.Hibiscus not only helps in hair fall but also it makes the hair shinier.Methods to use Heat the Hibiscus flower in a pan and add coconut oil to it.Filter it and let the oil cool down to room temperature.Massage the oil all over the scalp & keep it all over the night.

Next day wash it with mild shampoo the next day.7.Indian Lilac(Neem)Neem is, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, sedative, and antiseptic in nature.

The anti-bacterial properties of neem help in removing all the bacteria from the hair and stops the hair fall.It is a miracle remedy for hair growth.Methods to use Boil neem leaves in water till the water remain half. After it gets cool down, wash your hair with it. Repeat this process once in a week.8.

Almond OilAlmond Oil is rich in magnesium & this mineral is very helpful in prventing the hair from falling out. A few drops of almond oil nourishes the scalp and makes the hair silky and shiny.Methods to use Grind Almond Oil with Neem leaves and make a paste.

Apply the paste all over the hair & scalp evenly.Keep it for 30 min & after that wash it with mild shampoo. Repeat at least once a week for best result.9.OnionOnion is rich in anti-bacteria properties and high sulfur content, which is very helpful in curing scalp infection that leads to hair loss. Onion assists in preventing hair fall.Methods to use Grind the onion and extract the juice.Mix this juice with little bit of water and apply it all over the scalp and let it be there for half an hour.

After that rinse off with shampoo.10.Potatoes for hair controlPotatoes are rich in vitamin, minerals & nutrients that helps in reducing hair fall.Since it is loaded with nutrients it assists in hair growth & acts as a natural conditioner for the hair.Methods to use Crush two potatoes & extract the juice.

Mix this juice with some water & apply it all over the hair and scalp evenly. After 30 min wash it off with water.