Every considering the only people that will be directly

Every human being has the ability to be kind and generous.

As individuals it’s a simple choice considering the only people that will be directly affected by your action is you and the person you’re engaging with. Whether or not an entire nation should be kind is a harder decision to make. In the 1600’s the Native Americans showed kindness to the English settlers who then claimed their land and stipped them off their cluture and religion. Their kindness and generosity was taken for weakness; and not only that but ended up resulting in war, spread of foreign disease, and cultural intolerance. One way generosity and kindness failed to pay off was when the Euro settlers spread diseases that the Natives were not medically equipped to cure. These illness resulted in the deaths of many men, women and children.

In terms of death tolls, smallpox killed the greatest number of Indians. Smallpox is caused by the variola virus. There are two forms of this virus.

The more dangerous form, variola major, caused smallpox disease that was fatal for about 30% of people infected. A virus called variola minor caused a less deadly form of smallpox, with a fatality rate of about 1%. It’s symptoms include  Flu-like fatigue, headache, body aches, and vomiting,high fever, mouth sores and blisters that spread the virus into the throat, a skin rash that gets worse in a typical pattern, and even blindness can happen when blisters form near the eyes. The native’s sharing of land and survival information was the cause of the disease spreading as rapidly and greatly as it did.

If the Indians acted differently when the Settlers arrived maybe the outcome would be different. Another huge way kindness and generosity didn’t pay off was when the Euro settlers enacted war on the Indians. Cultural clashes between European settlers and Natives lasted for over four hundred years. From small battles, to large scale wars and forced labor on large estates. One of the most major wars in Native american history is ‘King Phillip’s War’. More than 3,ooo Natives died fighting this war and only 1,00o english soldiers died. This war lasted 38 years and ended in many remaining indians becoming slaves and or being assimilated into the European lifestyle.

The population estimation pre-columbus changed from millions to just under 10,000. The Indians acts of generosity and kindness was futile, because it did not pay off. Arguably the most important reason that their good acts were performed in vein is due to the English stripping them of their culture. The reason why this could be considered the most important is because your culture is your lifeline. The population can decrease, but as long as there are multiple people who are immersed in the culture enough to pass it down for generations there is still hope for that group. The Settlers forced them to cut their hair, give up their religion, stop speaking their language, etc.

They called them savages and told them god was unplased with them and that they would meet their demise if they did not comply with the new lifestyle. Today there is a very small percentage of native american people in america. They make efforts to educate and try and keep the culture and religion of their ancestors alive. It’s sad to think about the the number that exists today versus the number that used to be. The Indians benefited nothing from helping the English and showing them kindness and generosity. All in all, the Helpfulness and generosity that the Native Americans provided for the European pilgrims drove them to their demise.

The malice, forcing of conformity and war that were brought on by the whites, brought about the demolish of the Native Americans.