Ever searching on the Internet various sites and forums

Ever since I was alittle child, as far as I can remember, I have always somehow found myselfaround computers and different gadgets, curious about their mechanisms offunctionality and really interested in each and every new technological pieceof information I could get from anywhere, although I guess I didn’t exactlyhave the financial means for a long time to own a computer, for example, untilI was eight years old, when my parents bought one, for me and my brother.

Sucha genuine joy did I feel at that time!I started usingthat computer on a regular basis. When playing a video game, I was not onlyinterested in the dynamics of the game itself, but also in the graphics and thetechnologies used behind it. I began a study on my own, searching on theInternet various sites and forums explaining the Hardware and Software involvedin creating a game. As about the Hardware, at one point back then, I washelping my brother to dissemble my parents’ old computer, so that we could bothbetter understand its functions and so on, at the same time correlating theinformation I could get from doing that with the knowledge provided during theinformatics classes at school and my discussions with my teacher, who was sokind and willing to answer all my questions and curiosities and give me anyfurther necessary explanations regarding that.As about theEnglish language, well, it proves to be a truly happy marriage with my passionfor computers, so I suppose one could not do without the other at all. And itis but easy for me, because I have also deeply fallen in love with English aswell ever since childhood. I am thoroughly grateful to my English teacher also,who gradually gave me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in a carefreecreative atmosphere and less a stressful one.

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During the XIIth grade, I had thechance to travel to Lisbon, Portugal throughout a school project, thus beingable to interact with new people, learning a lot of new things, challengingmyself to communicate all the time by using English, definitely upgrading allmy skills concerning it, as well as becoming more confident about myselfgenerally speaking.In my spare time,I like travelling with my friends to various new places, challenging myself allthe time in my growing up process, never giving up when meeting an obstacle,but instead being happy about the possibilities it provides with. I am alsoinfatuated about watching different documentaries about computers andtechnological developments and truly hopeful your university could push me intoa whole new level of myself. I am really looking forward to becoming a studentof yours!In the future, Iwould like to have a job involving computers and technological developmentsobviously and I definitely believe your university is the most logical steptowards my dream coming true. Thank you for this opportunity!Sincerely, Aninoiu Samuel