Even of the punishment that might be meted out

Even with Genji feeling that young “Murasaki was a rare hidden treasure,”he still said she was his ” precious plaything,” and had thoughts of Fujitsubo on his mind as well.

(Chapter V,1432-3)Lady Fujitsubo, on the rare occasions spoke with him “met him with a stern and sorrowful” face, “great coldness and disdain” and she was sometimes tender in her demeanor. Rather than turn away from her, however, Genji only fell more deeply in love and even discovered a way of insinuating himself into her quarters one evening.(Chapter VII,1435) Despite her firm resolve to repel him, Lady Fujitsubo yielded, allowing him to spend the night with her. Following their sexual affairs which is only alluded to in Lady Murasaki’s narrative, Genji whispered his poem to her “would that we might vanish forever into the dream we dreamed tonight!” Tormented with guilt, she responded with a metaphor revealing the depth of her error and the terror of the punishment that might be meted out to her should her secret become known: “Though I were to hide in the darkness of eternal sleep, yet would my shame run through the world from tongue to tongue.” (Knapp, 2006)Convinced that her ruin was imminent, Lady Fujitsubo grew melancholy, her tangled feelings replete “her body and soul” was deeply distressed by this secret and her pregnancy. Genji also dreaded the possibility that his father, the Emperor, might discover his sinful act a of that one night of lovemaking led to the birth of a son, Reizei.

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.(Chapter VII,1440-1)Even in his guilt he tried to find ways to confirm if she was ok and if the baby was really his.Romantic love leads to a child given birth to them by a sinful affair behind the emperor’s back.Prince Hikaru later hears of Princess Aoi’s , his wife’s pregnancy and felt sympathy towards her. At this same time a Lady Rokujo an older lover of Genji,a woman of great refinement,is creating a scene.

Out of her jealousy of his other lovers, she becomes a vengeful living spirit. (Chapter IX, 1448)Genji neglected her since he was occupied with thoughts of his wife who was in great distress, her “weeping voice cracked in pain.” There was an obsessive spirit believed to be that of lady Rokujo, so stubborn and hard for the priests to exorcise.Her helpless condition struck him so much that he began to see her  as not only “precious and voluptuous.”(Chapter IX, 1455)  She is very sick and fragile after the birth of their son, and Genji is deeply moved by her fragility, “he stops going out on his amorous excursions” (Chapter IX, 1457)and devotes time to her hoping she regains her strength. He spend time with their baby boy as well who is of exceptional beauty just like him.He reminded her to take her medications and even the attendants of the Princess were shocked by Genji’s change, he had learned so much within that short period they felt.(Chapter IX, 1458)  Princess Aoi was weak that she hardly seemed among the living, aroused his love and his keenest sympathy was aroused he was prepared to live like family.

He felt he had neglected her most often, and because of the guilt he felt, consolations did not help relieve him of his pain much after he lost her.His romantic love towards her was aroused because she was in her weakest state and he wondered why all that time he could have found her lacking in anyway.