Essay each part of your body with active strength

Essay 4One of the most popular training methods mostly for high school athletes trying to get better overall is bigger, faster, stronger this method is too help correct technique in the weight room and on the field for athletes to become a better player overall. The lingo used to describe this methis is called the six absolutes. This method takes about 45 minuets twice a week to be able to fully and correctly teach the proper way to lift and spot for many different exercises and body parts, as well as agility, flexibility, and jumping. Cross fit is mainly focused to help with strength and conditioning not to much on muscle mass it’s more so to just stay fit overall with many challenging workouts different from bodybuilding.

Cross fit will push you with many challenges to each part of your body with active strength and conditioning. Cross fit is quite different from body building because it doesn’t just focus on one particular part of your body that day it is more of a well rounded workout system. It is likely in cross fit scenarios that you may get hurt with moving to fast with bad form. Then you have high intensity interval training which is a quick burst of movement to help keep the heart rate up and pushes you to your limits which helps for people wanting to lose fat in a shorter amount of time There are seven laws of training starting out with individual differences which each and everyone of us have a certain weak point that as a trainer needs to take in consideration when creating a program for a individual.

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Then we have the  overcompensation principle which is a reaction that our body’s have when feeling stress which allows us to get results quicker. Then following that there is the overload principle that loads you’re body to a much greater amount in order for you to overcompensate. The SAID principle is used to push you to extremities to achieve goals you want. Lastly there is the law of adaption which is when the body gets used to doing the same thing that you then hit a Plateau stopping you from making anymore progress that’s why it’s always good to shock the body and mix things up. Out of the three methods me personally I would do bodybuilding because it mainly focuses on building individual muscle groups.