End Impunity Essay

In the past 20 years, more than 700 journalists have been killed 75 of these deaths are from the Philippines and cause of these Philippines is considered as the second deadliest country for journalist and media personnel next to Iraq but really this isn’t a very good title for our country.

Aside from that, although journalist aren’t killed but countless more Of them are still being harassed, beaten, imprisoned, intimidated and threatened.Journalist or should say all of the people have the right to Life wherein nobody is allowed to hurt them for whatever reason they have and there is no significance of this right of impunity why are they needed to be protected? Just because they are in authority that does not mean that they shouldn’t be punished of their misdeeds well in fact in the eyes of God and the government we are all equal only the statuses differ so they should scrape the right of impunity because it only delays the justice and suppresses the other rights of people especially of the right to life and right to freedom of expression of the journalists.We choose this study because we want to fight to stop this so called “right to Impunity” that only leads those people granted this right to abuse it and harm other people.

This fight can help for all people to have equal rights that can’t harm other people and we ill all have better quality of life. B.Statement of the Problem and Objective The specific problem that we want to solve is how to stop or totally remove this “privilege” so called “right to Impunity” being granted to the people in authority which has no specific relevance and no significant purpose but only protect them from their misdeeds although they are totally needed to be punished because they harm other people and this is also the reason why other rights of the people especially the right to Life and the right to freedom of expression are being suppressed.

We aim to provide evidence that “right to Impunity” is not relevant and significant and it only bring harm and the person granted by this right is just abusive and we aim to convince the people reading our paper to help fighting for us to scrape the “right to Impugning’ and also we would like to help the journalists to have back their courage to say all the misdeeds of the offenders without the fear of death and not given by the justice they deserve in case. C.Hypothesis Statement The possible to this problem is by carefully research again about Impunity and lay down its pros and Cons so that there will be a comparison and mantras of all the things about it and connected to it to be able to gather evidences that the harm we can get from that right that is only limited to few powerful are far more than to the benefits it can give so that we would be able to convince people to fight with us to stop or remove this right. D. Significance of the study People deserve to know the truth on the news happening in our world and these can be done by the help of the journalists.But nowadays journalists are being murdered for reporting the facts that we need to know.

It is just not simply about the death of the journalists because it also sends a message to there journalists to not do what they did for seeking the truth that they found out and report it. So it is important to end impunity for crimes against journalist because impunity is a threat to free expression for journalists who report the facts on the ground will feel danger and if no one gets punished for crimes against journalists, it establishes a systematic impunity culture.Freedom of expression is the basis of all other rights and freedoms. Free speech is something all authoritarian regimes are worried about as it threatens their existence. That is why freedom of expression is specifically targeted by authoritarian regimes. If there are no free people, there is no freedom of expression.

Free speech is a precondition for journalists to be able to work in full strength and thus fulfill their functions in society. Authoritarian regimes organize permanent attacks on journalists with impunity.A free journalist armed with freedom of expression is a threat to an authoritarian regime, this is why perpetrators receive awards, not punishment for oppressing journalists’ rights. This process leads to self- censorship, and journalists stop being carriers of truthful information, which in the end affects society.

It is a problem that journalists around the world get heartened, intimidated and killed just for doing their job. E. Scope and Limitations of the study Our research is limited only to the journalists because impunity is widely known crime against journalists.It’s already been years that there is a campaign about ending impunity but this was just proclaimed recently, November 02, 2014. We have conducted this research for days and as bizarre as the situation these realities describe already is, what’s even more ironic is the involvement of some State agencies in the infringement of the right to free expression and press freedom, and the famous case is the Amputate Massacre where their personnel’s being themselves implicated in the killings.

Such State agencies as the police and the military have not only been in the sidelines, doing little or nothing to protect journalists from harm which they have also been involved in the suppression of press freedom and the right to information either through the use of their coercive powers, for example by banning the coverage Of the Amputate Massacre trial, or by some Of their members’ direct involvement in the killing of journalists. F. Definition of Terms Authoritarian Regimes -? a government that concentrates political power in an authority not responsible to the people.Bizarre – very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement.

Coercive Power – authority or power that is dependent on fear, suppression of free will and use of punishment or threat, for its existence. Impunity – exemption from punishment, penalty or harm. Infringement -? refers to the violation of a law or a right. Perpetrator – a person who perpetrates, or commits, an illegal, criminal, or evil act. Oppressing – to burden with cruel or unjust impositions or restraints; subject to a burdensome or harsh exercise of authority or power.