Emphasize intentionally. Madison was a track and field member

Emphasize = OrangeRelevant pauses = RedHand Gestures = BrownAccording to Hindustan Times an indian news channel in 2012, 50 thousand thousand Indian students commited suicide over the past 5 year and almost 250 thousand Chinese students committed suicide according to Susan Caskie a journalist/author. Why are so many students committing suicide? Why are so many young and talented students making that decision to end their life? Why are so many good potentials being wasted? Why?The answer is academic and sometimes parental pressure.

Countries such as South Korea and China have the best education systems and students are receiving the best test scores, they are excelling in academics, however, schools are giving so much homework every day, creating so much pressure on each and every child in school. Why is education turning into torture these are children not robots. Almost 86% of the chinese students feel stressed in high school. Parents forcing their children to get perfect grades or to excel in studies can lead to students having adverse mental issuesOn January 17th, 2014 a young 19 year old girl named Madison Holleran jumped out of a parking garage in Philadelphia taking her life intentionally. Madison was a track and field member in the university of Pennsylvania. According to her father, the reason of her death was due to the amount of workload in school, she faced immense pressure and stress because of the assignments she had to complete. Madison had lost all her confidence in her track and academic abilities.

Unfortunately like Madison thousands of students take their life each and every day Thousands. Suicide is not the only outcome of academic pressure, according to Denise Stern an author who writes about health issues, says that academic pressure leads to Introversion, stress, anxiety and Anger. It’s very important for parents to recognize what their child is capable of, they should know what their children’s interests are, the subjects that they are good at and the subject they are bad at.

If their child is bad at math and science don’t taunt them, help them, don’t expect only A’s from them, ask their teacher to give them extra help. It is not bad if has your child has different interests and talents they could have great potential and talent in music, art or maybe sports. Secondly students should follow their dreams, don’t pursue something which you don’t like or what you are bad at, do something in which you have passion and interest. As stated by Albert Einstein every person is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to fly, it will give its entire life believing that it is insane. “If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion, not a paycheck” says Jen Welter an American football player and coach. Money can get you cars, expensive clothes and luxury but it will not always bring you happiness. This controversial topic has two sides to it, in countries like India and China the populations are extremely high which makes the job availability less.

Education in these countries is like a race if you don’t run fast enough you will get trampled. Many would say that if parents would not push their children hard enough they wouldn’t be motivated to get good grades or if parents don’t decide their own child’s future career they will be lost. I completely disagree with this statement and that is because there are students who can deal with academic pressure, they can handle the workload given by school but on the other hand there students who can not handle the stress and end up having serious mental damage. If you let someone else chose your career, you might not be interested and you might face several challenges in the future. So start now right here, if you stand up now, everyone else follow, saving the future of our students will save the future of millions of young potentials.

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