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Emotional Intelligence involves understanding emotions, managing emotions to serve goals, empathizing with others, and effectively handling relationships with others. The first two dimensions of emotional intelligence primarily deal with identifying and managing one’s own emotions, the final two dimensions empathy and relationship management-involve understanding others and managing your interactions with them effectively. (https://www.betheluniversityonline.net/cps/default.

aspx?SectionID=6571=157#1). “emotional intelligence” was coined in early 1900’s. Workers with high emotional intelligence are better able to work in teams, adjust to change and be flexible.

(DeLeon 2015).According to emotional intelligence, success is strongly influenced by personal qualities such as perseverance, self-control, and skill in getting along with others. (DeLeon, 2015).

Self-Awareness -It involves accurately understanding your emotions as they occur and how they affect you. Is important in every aspect of life because it means that you have a sound understanding of who you are as a person and how you relate to the world in which you live. (Gordon,2014)Self-Management “ability to use awareness of your emotions to stay flexible and to direct your behavior positively.” Are important in the workplace because they help you contribute to a better work environment for yourself and your coworkers.

(https://study.com/academy/lesson/self-management-skills-for-the-workplace.html).Empathy “the ability to accurately pick up on emotions in other people and understand what is really going on with them. Without empathy, it is difficult for any of us to understand the needs and wants of others so that we may know how to treat them kindly and generously or to practice any other virtue in our day-to-day relations with them. (Dinkins, 2011).

Relationship management “ability to use your awareness of emotions and those of others to manage interactions successfully. Is important good working relationships, where everyone feels respected and supported, help promote a positive work culture. (https://www.

qld.gov.au/jobs/balance/pages/relationships.)DeLeon, Mariah The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work-Entrepreneur May 8, 2015Dinkins, Christine Sorrell.

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