Eli in several different things like keeping a note

Eli Sullivan,Kordale Russell1/11/18ScienceMiller levitating magnets are used in everyday life because some trains are driven by magnets.  will help it levitate . The poles of the magnets will push away from each other and cause it to levitate.

Magnets are in everyday use for some things like toys, computers, credit cards and M.R.I. machines.

Some are visible and others are hidden and tucked away. keep away from television, and any other type of technology screen cause the magnets will connect and mess up the phone. Also some things from that website say that if you touch a cheap magnet to your hard drive or drive everything will be gone. (https://sewelldirect.

com/learning-center/magnets-and-computers)People can use magnets in several  different things like keeping a note on the refrigerator or can keep doors shut. They can also be used by some vehicles like maglev trains or  the japanese bullet train also uses magnets on the tracks. With technology magnets are used to store data in computers.Magnets are found in some commonly used medical equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging machines. Also a lot of homes contain magnets even though it may not be noticable.

A pocket compass uses a magnetic needle to show which way is north. You come into contact many times with magnets in everyday life. They play an important role in a wide range of devices including simple toys,  credit cards, MRI machines and business equipment. Magnets range in size from barely visible specs  to magnets that weigh a ton.

“Magnets offer many benefits to the industrial world. Magnets in electric generators turn mechanical energy into electricity, while some motors use magnets to convert electricity back into mechanical work. In recycling, electrically-powered magnets in cranes grab and move large pieces of metal, some weighing thousands of pounds.”From this website “Mines use magnetic sorting machines to separate useful metallic ores from crushed rock. In food processing, magnets remove small metal bits from grains and other food. Farmers use magnets to catch pieces of metal that cows eat out in the field.

The cow swallows the magnet with its food; as it moves through the animal’s digestive system it traps metal fragments.”Magnets alter the direction of  a magnetic material and they use the computer and it will read the direction of each segment of magnetic material to read the data.