Education this two years they will know some of

Educationis one of the basic need and most important thing to survive in the 21stcentury. Since the coming of the Digital Era, every information that you need isjust a click away. Modern technology offers teaching tools for the improvementof learning quality. This being said, student awareness is important tomaximize educational growth in a learning environment.The Association of South East Asian Nationsalso known as ASEAN is composed of ten member states namely Brunei Darussalam,Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore,Thailand, and Vietnam with the tagline: “One Vision, One Identity, and OneCommunity” (Investing in ASEAN 2017). They have been thriving to uplift theeconomic status of Southeast Asia by helping one another to be free andindependent with the guidance of strategic foreign partners of ASEAN. It wasfounded on August 1967 with five  original members or the founding fathers ofASEAN; Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. The goalwas to preserve long term peace in Southeast Asia, by unifying, to balance theroles that outside powers, including the United States, Japan, and China,played in Southeast Asia (Kurlanzick, 2012).

 ASEAN is one of the most significant groupsfor the past Fifty years for ASEAN has grown increasingly influential. Anorganization with power and internal coherence and skilled in resolvingeconomic and political challenges could form the foundation of broaderSoutheast Asian integration it could gain a greater respect on theInternational arena. ASEAN Integration has proposed a new strategic plan tomake the economic status of ASEAN member state to grow faster.  This means that every member state shouldhave to make plans and whatever the outcome of agreed decisions of theirmeetings they have to realize it if they wanted to be successful state in Asia.ASEAN member state could become Internationally Competitive. To make this ASEAN Integration possible, thePhilippines has to change the educational system of Department of Education orknown as DepED, as well as the Commission on Higher Education known as CHED,from traditional form of education into K to 12 or the adding of another twoyears on the secondary education and in this two years they will know some ofthe basic skills or NCII.

 Let the Senior High School student’s knowsabout the ASEAN Integration in education in terms of ICT by conducting aseminar or lectures and invite some professionals and respectable persons whocan explain the ASEAN Integration  sowell. It is good for them to understand the functions of ASEAN Integration interms of ICT, so that they will have an enhanced knowledge about the saidissues.