Education similarities and differences between these two facilities? This

Education and learning is important for kids, teens & adults all over the world going to public schools and private schools. However, what are the similarities and differences between these two facilities? This question is important for many parents that are interested in their child’s education and for students who are wondering about their future school. This essay will compare and contrast public and private schools in the United States through analyzing the tuitions, student populations and the quality of education in order to create a better understanding for parents and students that are trying to make a decision.    The first aspect to be addressed is the tuition difference between going public or private. For public schools, tuition is not an issue. However, public schools are funded through tax paying citizens.

This means that even if one chooses take their child to a private school, tax money is still going to the public school. On the other hand, private schools are independent institutes and require have a tuition price set. This price can range from $4,000 to more than $100,000 per year. This factor could play a role in how well the children at school are treated by the faculty and teachers and the extra perks that are included by the school from the money they are earning. So, here it must be considered that the money being paid should be worth it.    Secondly, the two schools can also be looked at through student population.

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In public schools, students attend school with others from the same community or area. In addition, schools can also be overcrowded depending on how many schools are in the region. However, with private schools, parents can choose a school for their child that puts them in an environment of students of the same social class, same discipline, cultural background and religious background.

Also, there is a lot more exclusivity with private schools because there could be a limit of pupils that can join every year. The last characteristic to be looked at is the quality of education in the two schools. Just because a school is requiring doesn’t necessarily mean that better education is being paid for. There are excellent private schools and others that aren’t quite good. The same goes for public schools. Teachers do their best to teach their students at both places.

However, a study shows that in a comparison of 11 of 12 students, private school students averaged higher in standardized tests than public school students. This must mean that private schools are doing something different with their students to produce these results.Many kids, teens and adults all over the world attend schools all over the world that are either public or private. Private schools and public schools have both similarities and differences between them. The preferences depend on what the parents and children want for their future. Factors like money, environment and reputation of the school all play a part in persuading the families. Private schools are exclusive, expensive institutions in contrast to public schools that are free and available for everyone in the area.

In conclusion, by observing the differences and similarities of private schools and public schools through tution, student population and quality education, students and parents could get a understanding of the two institutions so they can make a decision on which one to attend.