Economies application security and it mitigations. Based on the

Economies are changing rapidly and organizations are adapting to the changes. At the same time, the competition is growing speedily. The organizations should secure their business information to be competitive. If the organization that is unable to protect sensitive information it could damage the company image rigorously and also cause financial losses.Criminals are always trying to step ahead by evading the security systems. It would be difficult to keep companies data protected unless the security systems are continually evolving and go through security upgrades.

OWASP provide awareness about application security and it mitigations. Based on the OWASP recommendations, companies should protect data by using industry best practices.In this era of computer technology, everything has been computerized to make things comfortable. Sometimes the management views information technology as a cost center and information security as a burden to the bottom line. Many researchers show that managed information security in the organizations can help to meet their business goals by improving efficiency and aligning business objectives. Traditional information security strategies and functions are not much adequate when dealing with today’s risk environments.

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OWASP is to evaluate mission-critical data from threats and vulnerabilities. The insecure software will damage company’s financials and well as its reputation. As the rapid growth of modern software development, the basic security risks should be essential to discover and resolve it as soon as possible.When the business grows there can’t be fundamental security weakness, therefore security architecture must be strong enough and adequate foundation for IT infrastructure. Spending time educating developers on basic security with best practices will avoid/eliminates such weakness. On the other hand, defenses are essential for any environments and defenses are costly.

Regular monitoring will alarm prior to such attacks happens. Employee activities will have a big impact on information security. Thus, educating employees will rigorously reduce the security breaches.