Earn are thunder icon on every instant article link

 Earn money from facebookHow you can earn money using facebook. If you have a facebook page and your own website than you can earn money from facebook page.Facebook is very popular social network, now a day it’s a very important part of our life. In the world as of the third quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2.07 billion monthly active users.so you can imagine how big is that network. Every time we use facebook, actually we give a lot of money to facebook and if you count a billions of dollars every month facebook earn the money using advertising on your profile.

April 2016, Facebook launch facebook instant article tool. Which is useful to earn money using facebook page. Facebook would offer publishers its own rich analytics on user behavior on Instant Articles. Now  you can earn money with your Facebook page legitimately and Facebook pays for posting Articles on your Facebook Page. But it is not like all users can do it, actually every user can do it if they have a facebook page and web site . you can earn money through posting any article or link on your website.Instant article is mobile mobile friendly and facebook friendly version of your website or link that you post on your facebook page. Facebook allows ads to appear inside Instant Articles.

Publishers can keep 100% of the revenue if they sell the ads, and Facebook gets its standard 30% cut if it sells the ads.Instant article is only for mobile platforms especially smart phones that using facebook app and there are lots of mobile users of facebook post. Facebook claimed that Instant Articles load ten times as fast as mobile web content, thereby creating a better user experience.

And that user never has a launch another browser window again. usually there are thunder icon on every instant article link on facebook.  How to earn money from instant article?·         Make a facebook page·         Registered domain·         Post minimum 20 unique article After that you can go to the facebook instant article official site. https://instantarticles.

fb.com You will find a lot of information about what is instant articles, how does it work . you have a look and read all stuff basically what you need to do in this website. apply for instant articles·         click on sign up button ·         select your facebook page·         check mark the by proceeding you agree instant articles terms button·         click on continue now go to the tools section ·         click on connect your site and then copy the meta tag HTML code and paste your website.·         Write your website ·         Setup RSS Feeds ·         Click on submit If you are using WordPress CMS, on your website then this process is very easy.·         Go to WordPress dashboard·         Click on plugins·         Click on add new plugins·         Search facebook instant articles plugins. You will find a lot of plugins·         My choice is instant article for wp install it·         Enable setup audience network Once you do that they will be app created on your facebook developer.

New app will see button on your page·         Monetize your instant articles from dashboard·         Click on Audience network ·         Click on Placement·         Copy code and paste on your website. Now Fill up the pay out and setup pay pal account of bank account, which even the country you are, facebook will send it to your account of pay pal.Anything you publish on your website it will actually go to your facebook page as instant article. remember instant article is only for smart phones.