E-commerce a variety of new technological ways but the

E-commerce can be explained as selling the goods orservices through online channels or buying the goods through an onlineplatform. These business exchanges happen either as between a business and aend user or customers, or between two businesses, or between two consumers. Theterms e-commerce and e-business are often used interchangeably.  E-commerce is conducted utilizing a variety of newtechnological ways but the most common is by using website, some other meansare through using other software’s and technologies.  This includes business-to-business activitiesand outreach, for example, utilizing email for unsolicited promotions(typically viewed as spam) to consumers and other business prospects, andadditionally to send out e-newsletters to subscribers.

More companies now endeavorto entice consumers directly online, utilizing devices, for example, advancedcoupons, web-based social networking marketing and targeted advertisements.  The benefits of e-commerce include its all day and allnight accessibility, the speed of access, the wide accessibility of productsand ventures for the consumer, easy accessibility, and international reach.  To ensure the security, protection and effectivenessof e-commerce, businesses ought to authenticate business exchanges, controlaccess to resources, for example, webpages for registered or selected users,encrypt interchanges and implement security technologies  However, Introducing new technology isn’t all that isrequired for success in presenting e commerce and computerized business.Clearly defined objectives, creating the correct culture for change, blend ofabilities, partnerships and authoritative structure are seemingly moreimperative.

The principle business drivers for presenting e commerce andadvanced business are opportunities for increased revenues and reducing costs,however numerous other benefits can be identified that improve customer serviceand corporate image.