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During the year of 1955, the space race began. The space race was a competition between the United States and the Soviet Union for dominance in space flight. The main driving force of space exploration was the fierce competition between the Soviet Union and the United States. In 1962, the United States president, John F. Kennedy told the nation with his famous speech “We choose to go to the moon, we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” The Soviet Union had beaten the US in many mile stones such as the first satellite in space, the first photo of the far side of the moon, and the first human in space.

So putting a man on the moon would definitely give the US a larger lead ahead of the Soviet Union. As we all know John F. Kennedy’s promise came true in 1969. However, in 1963 John F, Kennedy made a very unique speech.

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He said “I include among these possibilities, a joint expedition to the moon. Why therefor should man’s first flight to the moon be a matter of national competition.” Kennedy suggests that they should work together to the moon.

At first the Soviet premier, Nikita S. Khrushchev, rejected the suggestion. However, many years later it was revealed that Khrushchev had second thoughts.  Khrushchev had changed his mind and was in early november in 1963, ready to accept Kennedy’s offer. He believed like Kennedy, that both countries can benefit from a collaboration.

But on November 22 1963, John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Khrushchev did not trust the new president Lyndon B. Johnson so the idea of a joint exploration to the moon dies along with Kennedy. This action of going to the moon together had a possibility to change the world forever. This wouldn’t have only benefited space exploration but it would have benefit US and Soviet relations. Imagine how different the world could have been if astronauts and cosmonauts stood on the moon together. Where i’m going with this event is imagine how better the world would be if people would just work together.

Stop with the hate. Stop with the violence. The people who live on this world have the ability to make it a better place. Yet they do nothing about it. In this day and age where we are connected everyday, we are now further apart more than ever.