During the selfless pursuit of knowledge. It is this

During the early years of our lives, our interests and ambitions are molded by our experiences. It is during the years of schooling that an individual gets exposure to the various subjects that comprise humanity’s intellectual library. More often than not, a certain academic subject would stand out from the rest, with its content serving as a long-lasting inspiration for the student’s future. When we talk about an academic subject which has captivated me, the first thing that comes to my mind is Physics.Out of all the subjects I could choose, why did I choose Physics? Physics is the most profound and philosophical subject mankind has to offer, with it being the most important field dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the Universe. It is because of these reasons that I developed a passion for Physics and have attempted to express my interest in various forms. Inside my classroom, I frequently ask questions to my teachers regarding topics that go beyond the curriculum such as the nature of gravitational waves. I also discuss with my peers about the latest discoveries in Physics whether it is the discovery of missing Baryonic matter or a verification of thermodynamics.  However, most of my interest is furthered outside the classroom. In my free time, I spend time researching the various concepts of Physics which pique my interest which include Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory. At the same time, I also spend time trying to extend my knowledge into practical applications with an example being the concept of a particle accelerator which works on a principle different from a cyclotron.The fact that we have barely started unraveling the universe proves that there is much to be done and that anyone can make their mark on the world if they devote themselves to the selfless pursuit of knowledge. It is this belief which is applicable the most to Physics and serves as a motivation to pursue my interest in Physics. To sum it all up, the massive scope of Physics coupled with the mysteries it possesses culminated my interest which I express everywhere, everytime.