During responsible for providing better well-being of the population

During my undergraduate study in Medical school, I always looked forward to being a doctor so I could save lives and cure disease. Having graduated and working for three years now as a general practitioner in Nigeria, I have realized that you can never save enough lives. Making diagnosis, prescribing medications, performing surgical procedures only improves and saves just a few of the populace with health challenges.80% of non-communicable disease occur in underdeveloped and developing countries including Nigeria and contribute majorly to deaths in this region. Most of these non-communicable diseases are preventable.Saving Lives and improving quality of Life goes beyond medical consultations in the clinics or resuscitating a patient in the emergency room and I believe a Masters in Public Health would give me insight into Health Policies.

I want to pursue the Masters in Public Health program with concentration in Health Policy in order to be adept with values, knowledge and skills associated with making critical decisions about healthcare services policy development and evaluation, and skills necessary to avert preventable health concerns to improve population health.During my national service in Sapele, I played an active role in my community by facilitating several health awareness and outreaches not only to educate the people on prevalent diseases but also to raise a sense of responsibility for a better well-being as the government cannot be solely responsible for providing better well-being of the population health.I volunteered briefly as a Technical Assistant at an NGO named Family Health Initiative, FHI 360, where I assisted in the optimization of comprehensive HIV and PMTCT services in the facilities, also assisted with On site mentoring of facility staffs on effective implementation of clinical HIV/AIDS Services amongst others. At my current place of work where I practice as a Medical Officer, I work side by side as a liaison between FHI 360 and the private hospital.

I choose to pursue masters of Public Health in… university because the curriculum is applicable to a wide range of areas, including health administration and policy, disease prevention and others.

I believe that my studies in Public Health at your university will broaden my perception of current health issues and more both in Nigeria and Globally. After completion of the masters program, I hope to be able to bring about the much needed breakthrough in the health sector in underdeveloped countries especially in my home country by applying my accrued knowledge through working with Non-profit Healthcare organizations or the Nigerian Ministry of Health in providing and promoting better quality of life.