During aims to promote the welfare of children generally

During the summer term of2017, I worked at a Care Agency for the month of August.

The Care Agency consistsof children and family services, adult services, disability services and administration.It aims to promote the welfare of children generally and in particular thoseconsidered being ‘in need’.  As far as possible, it enables children to beraised up by their families by providing a range of support services such as advice,counselling and guidance on parenting, amongst other services. Throughout my placement, I observed and learned about the differentroles within the care agency, which involved professional psychologists,therapists and social workers. I gained most of my experience within services dealing withchildren and their families as well as carrying out administrative assistant dutieson a regular basis.

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 A typical schedule during my placement begancarrying out administrative tasks such as filling, organizing documents andanswering telephone calls from 9am to 11am and then I would join the childrenand family services and take responsibility of a child or two for a certainamount of time. Frequently, I would also attend counsellingsessions between a parent/parents and the psychologist and observe the process whilsttaking my own notes. I feel that during my placement, I was able to gain a goodexperience of what it’s like to be a psychologist and the highly emotionalsituations they have to face when helping others with difficulties.