Drug treatment centres call them patients and alcoholism is

Drug Abuse is one of the banes ofmodern society. It has hit all regions and all sections of our society. It isfound in rural and urban areas, among poor and the rich, among the men andwomen be they of tender age ,young or old. But it is most overwhelminglypracticed by young boys and girls especially in hostels and in almost alleducational and technical institutions. Thus  drug abuse is there in almost all thecountries of the world.1 Day by day alcohol isbecoming increasingly available and is used widely. Addiction has become really a curse upon humanbeings. It affects not only the drug addicts but also others directly or indirectly.

For common people, it is a weakness of character. A moral theologian may see itas a matter of vice while as sociologists see it as a social problem. It isconsidered ii sin by religious people, and as a crime by law enforcementgroups. The psychiatrist can describe it as a personality disorder problem. Thealcoholics anonymous groups and the treatment centres call them patients andalcoholism is handled as a disease. Drug abuse is also known as substance abuse, and can be defined asa patterned use of a drug in which the user consumes the substance in amountsor with methods which are harmful to them or others.

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And when anindividual persists in use ofalcohol or other drugs despiteproblems related to use of the substance, substance dependencemay be diagnosed. Thus compulsive and repetitive use mayresult in tolerance to the effect of the drug and resultsin withdrawal symptoms when use isreduced or stopped.2Historicalbackground of Drugs(Drug abuse) Alcohol menace is as old as human history.The history of Babylonia, Sumaria.

Egqpt, China, India etc. gave ample evidencefor the use and abuse of alcohol. In the Gilamesh epic, one of the oldest mythologiesof the world, it is stated that the powers of the evil fought with the powersof good in bloody combat for control of earth. The powers of good succeededwith much causality. The fallen gods were consumed by the mother earth andproduced wines at the place of their burial place.

So people considered wine asa source of good. There are a lot of folktales about vine.God created plants. Seeing wines Satan was delighted and poured the blood of apeacock on the roots of the vine. It grew stronger than other plants. Next timethe Satan poured the blood of a monkey on the roots of the vine. Satan knewthat this plant can yield fruits which can produce liquor. The wine plant grewfaster than other plants.

Seeing its growth and small bunches of grapes Satanbecame very proud. He then killed a lion and poured the entire blood on theroots. After a small period of time Satan again appeared with the blood of awild pig and poured the whole blood on the roots of the wine plant.

Grapesbecame ripe and peasants collected them and made liquor out of them. Aftergetting drunk people began to show the respective characters of these fouranimals. The drunkards at first began to move as a dancing peacock.

Then madetroubles like a monkey and later began to attack like a lion. At last slept likea pig. As a result, Satan got a lot of evildoers. Apart from this in certainparts of the world the powers of alcohol are considered as gifts.  Around 6000 years ago the use of opium 3 began in the world.

At first it was used for medical purposesespecially to cure diarrhoea. It is useful for ‘stomach cramps’ because itreduces the strength of smooth muscle contractions in the intestine and causesre-absorption of water. It began to be used as a sedative and euphoriant. Thusit was considered as a cure for all from snakebite to leprosy. During the mid 1800’s two remarkable warswere fought.

The first one namely the opium wars were waged between England andChina from 1839 to 1847. The success of Britain caused continuation of the smugglingof opium to Asia etc. till the dawn of the twentieth century. The Americancivil war was the second one (1861-1865). During this war and afterwardssoldiers began to use morphine as painkiller and thereby it became known as ‘soldiersdisease’ or ‘my disease.Therefore theproblem of Drug abuse is not new to society and has become one of theever-growing issues of human life. It is one of the biggest threats over humanbeings. Drug trafficking is the second biggest business all over the world.

Down the centuries we can see the usage of drugs. But it has become as worse astoday. India was once only a transit country for drug trafficking. In 1999 anaverage of 17 kgs of Heroin were seized every month from North-Western sector.The route between South-East Asia and South-West Asia is through India.

Southwest Asia comprises of’ the Golden crescent countries-Pakistan,Afghanistan and Iran. South East Asian countries like Burma, Malaysia andThailand are in the forefront of producing Heroin and other drugs. Now Indiastands as one of the biggest user countries of the world. India is the largestproducer of opium. In India opium is grown in the States of U.P, M.

P and Rajasthan.The young generation prone to drugs is a threat to the developmental activitiesof a nation like India. 1http://www.shareyouressays.com/essays/386-words-short-essay-on-drug-abuse/29472http://www.google.co.in/search?aq=f=chrome=UTF-8=drug+abuse3 Opium is a mixture of’ many chemicals of which morphine isthe chief