Drones Predator Mini is an entry-level drone. It weighs

Drones come with different specs and features.

As much as we have fast drones, we also have those that are more stable. Some drones come with high definition cameras and advanced features while others are not so much sophisticated. But one notable thing is that some drones are more affordable than others.

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If you are scouting for a drone that serves your desires but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then you are at the right place. Having done extensive research and testing of over a hundred drones, we have handpicked 5 drones that meet your needs and are pocket-friendly. The list will give you key features to help you pick the drone you need. We have included the reasons that make you need that drone and the shortcomings you may face. The good thing is that this list offers you only the drones selling below $200. 1.

    The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini is an entry-level drone. It weighs quite little. The Holy Stone is a dedicated flying machine, meaning a camera is not included in the package. At $40 it makes a good drone for beginners. To fly the HS170 Predator Mini in the US, you would require FAA registration.

The drone has a headless security mode and a 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization to make it regain balance after stunts and tilts.Features :1.    Runs a 2.4 GHz technology with low-interference.2.    Headless flight mode.3.

    6-Axis gyro stabilization system.4.    6 – 8 minutes flight time. 5.

    50 – 50 meters control range.6.    60 – 80 minutes charging time under 0.

5A – 1A current input.Pros·         Has variables responsiveness that makes it a darling to both newbies and expert pilots.·         Wind-resistant.

·         It offers pretty good challenges to grow your piloting skills.Cons·         No camera is included and ther is no way to attach a camera to this drone.·         The HS170 Predator Mini has fairly rough edges with cables exposed and controls unmarked.·         The propellers are not durable. 2.

    Drocon Cyclone X708W is a surefire choice for a beginner. Featuring dual-speed mode with responsice controls, this drone suits first time pilots. Newbies farther enjoy the one-key return home after an exciting flight. With 720p HD camera with WiFi capababilties, the Drocon Cyclone X708W offers great fun to flyers who wish to capture some fairly good footage. The drone is affordable, making it great for those who want to hone their skills without spending much.

Features1.    Headless flight mode2.    100 meters control range3.    Roughly 8 minutes flight time4.    High and low speed rates5.

    720p camera with real-time WiFi image transmission6.    One-key return home.7.    Acrobatic 3-dimensional flip and roll.Pros·         Has 4 LED lights to assist in night flights.·         Easy to control.

·         Durable.·         Long control distance.Cons·         Poor camera quality.·         60 minutes battery charging is quite long.·         Has a short flight time.·         Lacks a G-sensor function. 3.    DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC drone is an all-aspect beginners’ drone with an easy operation.

This flying machine comes with altitude and headless mode. Its unique spinning funtion is triggered with one touch on a function button on the remote commander which sets it hover on the same altitude then beginning to spin ammazingly. The Drocon Scouter is readily foldable and pocketableFeatures1.    30 – 50 mintues charging time2.    100 meters remote control distance3.

    5 – 8 minutes flying time4.    3 speed mode5.    Has unique spinning funtion6.    Bright LED search light7.    Stable beginner drone for kidsPros·         One-key take off·         One-key backward·         Easy controlCons·         Flight errors may occur after flights, requiring some trimwork and callibration·         Motors heat up needing 5 minutes break between flights 4.    WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera DBPOWER is a desirable drone due to its easy-to-operate remote control, a great camera for the price range and an impressive companion app. The real-time WiFi transmission is a plus for pilots who want to capture great footages as the drone flies.

The headless security makes you worry little about losing it while enjoying amazing flight experiences. WiFI FPV is a durable machine that lets you get the most out of your bucks. Features1.

    120 minutes charging time2.    6 – 9 minutes flying time3.    50 – 80 meters remote operation4.    30 meters video transmission range5.    720p High-Definition Camera6.    Real-time WiFi Video TransmissionPros·         The performance is excellent for that price range·         The video is fairly good ·         The build quality is excellent·         Has a great companion appCons·         Long charging time·         The circuit borad and motors haet up with use requirng time to cool down 5.    DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone is an amazing quadcopter for great fun and recreation.

This flight machine comes with easy-to-operate remote comander features, VR 3D headset and a headless security mode. All these fun features come at an incredible price. Also called “The Hawkeye-VII”, the drone features a FPV Real-Time video transsmision. One key return makes a favorite for beginners Features1.    100 meters flight control range2.

    9 minutes flight duration3.    5mph maximum flight speed4.    Supports iOS and Android mobile systems5.    Headless security mode6.    One-key 3 dimension flip and rollPros·         LED lights for flying in the night·         Durable·         It has a fairly good camera·         High capacity batteryCons·         It has slow connectivity·         It is niot very stableConclusionHopefully the list helped you select the best drone for a marvellous price. It is true that you will have lots of fun with drones below $200, but there are some features you may not enjoy for spending less. You might be lucky to get a 720p camera, but you may certainly not find a drone with image stabilization.

You may also miss GPS-enabled features in some drones unless you look at the range of $150 to $200. Drones under $100 are relatively smaller, implying they only be good for indoor flights. They are also not suitable for flying large action cameras. Actually to get professional footages and crisp still pictures, you may have to spend more bucks.