Understand my point of view Essay

How long did you have to wait to get your license, was it three weeks, six weeks maybe? Well, we have to wait 6 months after we get our permit.

Now, you didn’t have to wait that long, did you. For the new bill that has passed in Kentucky says that students must wait six months to get their license after you turn sixteen. Do you think that that is right? Can you remember how many times you crashed the first six months that you got your license? I am here to convince you that raising the permit age only hurts us the new drivers.There have been many tests to try to prove that the extra months are going to reduce the risk of auto accidents. Well the extra months that are added to your permit length only really affect less than 1 percent of the total accidents that happen yearly. If they want to lower the risk of driving accidents they need to try to increase the punishment of alcohol offenders.

For alcohol is involved is forty-eight percent of all accidents on the highway.How much do you think a person is going to improve in hand eye coordination in four or five months? I strongly believe that the only people that are being hurt are the very ones that can vote. Why should they make decisions for us if we can’t vote on the people representing us, but now that is a different issue. Kentucky is a state where you have to wait until you are sixteen to get your permit then you wait six more months until you get your license.In other states you get your permit when you are fifteen and keep it until you are sixteen, then you get your license. Then in other states you can get your license when you are sixteen years old and one month.

Well I fell that you should get you permit when you are sixteen, and then get your license 60 days later. Then if you make for say A’s and B’s you should get you permit a month or two earlier. This would make student strive harder to get better grades.They would have an incentive to make good grades, besides the fact of just making good grades. When you where sixteen you probably only waited six weeks. Then you got in a shiny new car and tore off into the night. Well that is no longer a reality. As an adult you may have formed a different opinion, but would you please think of this in an adolescent’s point of view.

I would like to thank you for taking your time and reading this. I hope that my paper has changed you mind, but if didn’t then I hope you understand my point of view.