Dr. crisis is the NPA’s. NPA in the priority

Dr. Poonam Mahajan
(July 2014),concluded that, In India the position of NPA’s is improving. Though
NPAs had a declining trend over a period of study, still the  Non Performing Assets of public sector banks continue
to be  higher than private and foreign
sector banks.

 Ms.V.Subhamathi  (October 2016),In his study
revealed  that  private sector banks have more comparatively higher
NPA’s than public sector banks. In addition he concluded that there is strong
co-relation between Net profit and NPA’s of both public and private sector

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 D.Jayakkodi  Dr.P.Rengarajan (September 2016) in his study concluded
that the effect of NPA’s is comparatively higher in public sector banks than
private sector banks. The NPA level of our banks is still high as compared to
the international standards. Provisions for the faster settlement of pending
cases should be made by the govt. otherwise the NPA’s effect the banks
profitability, liquidity and solvency.


 Ashly Lynn Joseph and Dr. M. Prakash (July
2014), conducted a study where he concluded that the NPA’s are higher in public
sector banks than in private sector banks. Proper preventive measures in an
efficient manner must be taken by the Banks to avoid any account becoming NPA.


Priyanka Mohnani  and  Monal Deshmukh (April 2013) in his study
included that NPA is one of the obstacle in success of the bank and effects its
performance negatively. He also suggested certain measures to be adopted by the
management of the bank so as to reduce NPA’s.


Rajeev and H P Mahesh observed that the root cause for the global financial
crisis is the NPA’s. NPA
in the priority sector is still higher than that of the non-priority sector. SSI’s
performance is the worst within the priority sector.


Lalit Bhalla and Vishal
Sarin studies that the ratio of Net NPA’s to Net advances have shown a
declining trend upto 2009 in public sector banks, again it has shown a increasing
trend. It indicated during the period of study that the private sector banks
played a significant role in recovering the loan amount.