Don’t on a fake smile to make it seem

Don’t you know, bullying hurts.It starts with words, the ones you blurt.Fat, stupid, gross. Are the words they hear.You should’ve known, that you’re feared.Constantly tormenting them,Must’ve known words could hurt then?All they ever needed was one true friend,but instead you made them want their lives to end.Everyday waking, with nothing but regret,all they just ever wanted, was to forget.It’s not punching and kicking, but the words you say,they hurt so much, they don’t fade away.Everyone think It’s easy to stay tough.But just like Amanda Todd, Enough was enough.You think they can keep their cool,But what you don’t know, Is what made you a fool.They put on a fake smile to make it seem they’re okay,Truthfully they’re broken, with not much to say.Of course your words run deep, Some hope to never wake from sleep.Everyone laughs and starts rumors,Thinking that this is just humor.The smile of the victim is no longer there,That’s because now they have a reason to be in despair.Can’t you see, all they want is a friend,A friend to stick by them through thick and thin.They are trapped, with nowhere to go,Insults sting, you wouldn’t know.The bully was never wanted, unless wanted to leave.The person you bully now, wears long sleeves.Your work here is not done, look what you started,The victim is feeling, broken hearted.What you feel is that you win,Did you know they pulled the razor to their skin?you pushed them far, too far to hollerto the point they tied a rope around their collar.They wrote down all the words they had to spill,just before taking an overdose on some pills.You know what could’ve been done,But you just did this all for fun.You think they’re losers, but who says you?have you seen what you made them go through?With your words you gave a black eye,they are leaving this world, time to say your goodbye.Here’s one more thing before I go,They had a family, didn’t you know?Remember, these words can hurt more than the punch,Believe me now? Because this was all a hunch.