Donald , they took away from them , their


Donald Trump announced Jerusalem as Israel’s
capital and to move US embassy to Jerusalem,  leading to an unknown future to the middle east

Trump will base his decision on old history and nowadays political facts

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US officials said that Building a new embassy
will take at least three years and Jerusalem is not an Exception, until then ,
the US officials will remain in Tel Aviv. Before taking the decision , trump
called his allies in the region , most of them warn him that such as dangerous
decision will make the middle east and the Muslim nation in a wave of rage and
it will crack the Attempts to establish peace in the region .

case that is close to the hearts , not just muslin hearts , but also those who
have humanity , imagine that you build a house with your own hands , and lived
in it for a long time , and someone knock your door to tell you , Get Out ! and
the reason that : his grandfathers lived in this area 3000 years ago ! well ,It’s
the same issue . for long time Palestine has been Occupied  by Israel , they took away from them , their
land , freedom , democracy , The right to live in peace, and they gave them
horror , terrorism , and death .

At these days , the president of the US Donald Trump Announced that Jerusalem will be
Israel capital , and to move the US embassy there .

This unfair decision shocked the media , and
made theme wonder when the world is going to think of the people that are getting
killed , and their land is getting ripped from them by the force of weapon .
Whoever , the middle east leaders did warn trump that this dangerous decision
will tear up the Attempts to establish peace, but the decision has been taken .

No one know what is going to happen , but I think
when you take something in an unfair way , It won’t last for you , and the same
will happen to you . the world wide nations are in silence , and no one is Standing
with the Palestinians , except their bare hands , and their believe in god , palestine
will be free . we assure that . but we all have to step up in the face of the occupier .