Domestic Violence Essay

The Abusive Husband In America, there have been many cases of domestic violence in a household. In most cases, it involves a husband abusing his wife. After a while, some women have had enough and decide to leave, while others choose to stay. The main reason behind why a lot of women stay in abusive relationships is simply that they don’t know how to get out.

Most of the women that stay are blinded by love. She may think she is so in love that the abuse is just her husband’s way of loving her.She says he does it ut Of love, because that is how he was loved by his parents. Sadly, she believes it to be the normal husband and wife relationship.

An abused wife is usually in denial about ever having anything better. She believes she is beaten because everything is her fault. She will take the blame for anything that upsets her husband causing him to hit her. She will blame herself for not being good enough or even pretty enough to have anybody better. Without him, she really doesnt see how things could be better. An abused spouse is usually very dependent upon her husband.Maybe she was married young allowing him to have full power.

She never learned to take care of herself, because he was always there to lean on. Therefore she lacks independence, because that was never something she needed to get by. Being so dependent, she may be financially unstable. Her husband always took care of her and convinced her that she didn’t need to work, which left her with no money of her own. Not having any money, she couldn’t own anything around the house, leaving her with nothing to finance herself even if she tried to leave.Since she is so dependent, she believes she’ll have nothing unless she stays.

When a woman is constantly abused by her husband, she becomes afraid. Her husband may not let her leave or he may threaten her about trying to. Because of the threats, she believes he will hurt her even more and possibly kill her if she tries to leave him. He may even hurt someone dear to her just to make her stay.

Also, she is afraid of never having a better life. Her husband may have told her she will never have anything better which lowers her self- steem.Believing her life cannot and will not be any better, she rejects any thoughts of someone else loving her, or being able to make it own her own. So afraid her life will fall apart, a woman will remain with her abusive husband.

There are many women stuck in abusive relationships and don’t know how to get out. usually it is because they think Of it as love and are too afraid to do anything about it. No one deserves to be beaten to stay In a relationship. Domestic violence isn’t needed to have a happy home.