Domestic States have experienced contact sexual violence, physical violence,

Domestic violence has been a significant publichealth problem. The CDC National IntimatePartner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) states that, one in four women andone in nine men in the United States have experienced contact sexual violence,physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, and reported that theviolence in that relationship impacted them in some way (e.g., made them feelfearful or concerned for their safety, resulted in an injury or need forservices, or they lost days from work or school). Domestic violence is more than just an issue, it is an unpardonablecrime.

There is no particular way to solve domestic violence but there should be both short andlong-term strategies. Short-term strategies should include assistance programsthat defend the woman who has witnessed abuse or is currently being abused. Thisstrategy is used to intervene during the critical period faced by the victim afterhe/she leaves the home. The victim is provided with food, shelter and counselling.Long term strategies should be directed at educating the public and empoweringthe victim to live and enjoy her life without violence. It also includes designingprograms that creates awareness against domestic violence in the communitywhere victims canbe taught coping/survival skills that would help and not compound the problem. Asides looking out for signs that might hint youabout a victim’s condition, the best and permanent way to end or solve theissue of abuse is for everyone and any one to no longer hurt those they claimto love.

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Ordinarily, inflicting pain on another person hasbeen seen to be exhibited by people with low self esteem. Those who for theirstature, position, wealth state of mind, belief etc have been said to see theact of violence as a defence mechanism to cover up for their weakness. So ifpartners choose to love one another and device other means to settle disputesrather than beating each other up, the issue of domestic violence would bereduced. It is alsoimportant to maintain a healthy, respectful and romantic relationship as amodel for your children and others. Children should be taught how men should treat women and theappropriate ways of expressing their emotions. Boys and men should be taughtthat it is okay for men to show emotions and that the feeling of anger shouldnot be the only acceptable emotion.

Also, awareness on domestic violence via social mediaplatform and print media would help disseminate the issue of domestic violenceand how people can prevent it and seek help. This strategy can be used bypeople in different industries such as movie industry, music industries,fashion etc so people who look up to them can learn from them.Religious organizations can incorporate the teachingand preaching against domestic violence at their place of worship to educateworshipers on the dangers of violence and refer victims for religiouscounseling.Assisting women to be economically and otherwise independent,redesigning a the way family courts preside over cases of domestic violence andmaking penalties for domestic violence has shown that implementing thefollowing will go a long way in providing a lasting solution to the issue ofdomestic violence