Does family is no longer the father but rather

Does domesticity of today differ from the domesticity of earlier generations?Life means change and evolution. If we compare our current domesticity with that of the past, then only measured by today’s standards we notice the following.From a historical point of view, there is a lot of what was recorded about the different past moments and only needs to be collected, analyzed and compared. We can conclude from stories of our grandparents .

Their colorful and vivid memories will always remain black and white images. So I point out that in the past, everything was…somehow different.Everything has an impact on our family life, the job situation our personal attitude to life. We are families either way. But how we experience depends on ourselves. Does the women have to stay at home with children or does she have to work, to show that family and job are compatible?In the past, the father took all the important decisions as well as the tasks of obtaining themoney. The mother would work as a housewife and for support would have her eldest daughter.

When the sons would grownup, they were expected to take care of their parents. Any earnings they made would be given to their mother and father so that they could have some sort of wealth even at an old age. On the other hand, the daughters were educated as housewives, therefore a higher education was not allowed to be pursued as the men of the family would have an arrangedmarriage organized as soon as possible for the woman in their family to become good wives.Also to add, many years ago a normal family used to have five or more children, which nowadays has become a very rare thing to happen. Now, a family has no more than three children, and this also proves a German study that an overage family in Germany does not give birth to more than three children.

The head of the family is no longer the father but rather the mother. The role of a women has changed particularly in a strong way. Wives have become more independent and emancipated. In addition they are often working outside the home. Earlier 28%of all employed persons were females. On the one hand the real novelty is the non-domestic employment, on the other hand the female role is limited to the household and taking care of children.

But this is called equality and aerates a completely new kind of family that does not always brings good things. Because both parents have to work, there is not enough time left for the education of their youngsters. That gives more independence to the children which from the one side is good, because it would increase confidence, but on the other side they are more likelyto make mistakes. Children do not have someone to warn them about the dangers they could be facing into, so they can easily lose control.

With no one to control them and show them what is wrong and right seriously endangers them. Another thing that families nowadays forget to do, is to eat dinner all together. Earlier, a family who did not eat together for dinner, would not be a normal thing. People are being so busy which then concludes in them being too tired to take part in family dinners. The lack of spending time together as a family can often lead them apart. One of those being divorce. In the older years divorce was something that nobody would consider as an option.

It would be very difficult for children nowadays, and then they will love only of the parents or none of them at all. Divorce can be chaotic. A single parent must work a lot for their self and for their children, so they will neglect them.But why is family important?Family is unique for us all.

First of all it is a social space. Every child or adult can develop and grow appropriately, can experience security trust, closeness and intimacy. For children, this is important to develop competences and to acquire the potential that enables them to participate in social life. In addition, family, care of parents play an important role in the teaching of value