Document A: It caused thousands of northerners to become

Document A: It caused thousands of northerners to become abolitionists.Document B: John Brown lead a small group to attack a building containing weapons on Harpers Ferry, Virginia, as an attempt to start an armed slave uprising and to demolish the establishment of slavery.Document C: The United States Supreme Court decides to declare for slave owners to take their slaves into Western territories, contradict the principle of popular sovereignty and harshly sabatoging the stand of the new Republican Party.Document D: An attempt made by armed abolitionist John Brown to introduce an armed slave strike in 1859 by taking over a U.S.

house of weaponry at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.Document E: This was a very important presidential election in all of American history. It took place in 1860. Abraham Lincoln who was a candidate in 1860,was known to be against slavery, because of this, Southerners were afraid that Lincoln’s election would lead to a downfall, so they vowed to leave the Union if he was elected. Lincoln was then elected president in 1860 in a race of presidency that included three other candidates (Stephen Douglas, John Bell, John Breckinridge).

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The Southerners hated Lincoln, so for his election , the Southern states left the U.S. creating their own country, the Confederacy. It started with South Carolina six weeks after the election.

 The Southern states believed that Lincoln’s intention was to remove slavery, and this was one of the causes of the American Civil War. Document F: John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry (also known as John Brown’s raid) was an attempt made by the armed abolitionist John Brown to inaugarate an armed slave strike in 1859 by taking over a U.S.

storehouse of weapons at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.Document G: The Fugitive Slave law was passed giving southern slaveholders legal weaponry so they could catch slaves that escaped to the free states as this was apart of the Compromise of 1850.