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Do you want to learn about the gold rush? Yeah, of course not. I’m out of here… Just kidding! Of course you do!  It started in the year 1848 when someone at Sutter’s fort found gold in the river! If I could go back then, I would definitely find gold!ToolsMiners usually used sifting pans and picks. But did you know that miners also usedhydraulics? You did? Dang It… Well, they also used something called a cradle! No not that type! A cradle is a machine that sifted through dirt really easily.

Faster than a human hand could. When the people couldn’t find any more gold in the river, they had to move over to the underground. That’s when the people had to rely on the picks so they could find gold. Fun Fact!People paid significant gold for goods they didn’t really need.Mining underground is very dangerous. The miners could have their cave, cave in on them, die of dehydration, die of hunger, get trapped in, and in very rare occurrences, while exiting, have a boulder fall on them.

 After a while, Hydraulics became illegal to use because i think they would crush the mountains or something? I don’t know.       RoutesSome on water, some on land, all the people came to the land when John Sutter announced that there was fold on his property! All the routs  took at least 2 MONTHS Some people, instead of riding in a wagon train THEY W-A-L-K-E-D.  Walked! Crazy right !?!? Not crazy? Okay… Around Cape Horn, it was 6-8 months! Around Cape Horn on a Clipper Ship was 3-4 months. Across the Isthmus of Panama, that took 2-3 months. (Shortest!) and the Overland trail had you take 3-5 months.

Around Cape Horn? NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT!             Miners It was uncommon for people to not work late at the mines. Because women didn’t go to the mines 9/10 of the people at the mines at night were men. Maybe the mines had about 1 or 2 women. People sometimes lost their gold from gambling. The miners did that. Finding gold could sometimes end up with getting hurt. Or worse, MURDER! When people lost their gold, that could also end up with MURDER! So it was not a good idea to gamble all  of your gold away.

That would be dumb! So… if I was a gold miner in the year 1848 – 1855, I would not gamble at all, I would keep it a secret if I found gold, and I would take it home immediately and tell my family not to tell ANYONE that we found gold!  The gold rush is an interesting topic! I know that because of the gold rush California became a state! The flag earned another star! Today, the stars stand at 50. I wonder what happened after the gold rush!