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Do you feel regretful about your decision to drop out of high school? Does it seem like there’s a shadow of missed opportunities hanging over you? Maybe you’ve heard about high school completion programs but wondered whether it’s the right step for you. It can be confusing with differing opinions online and in our communities to know which is the right next step. We’ve outlined some things you may want to consider when deciding whether a High School Diploma program is the right next step for you.

Many people feel embarrassed about not having finished high school. It’s common to worry that other people are looking down on you or that you’re seen as less desirable as an employee or student. Some people describe feeling like a failure for not finishing high school. If these kinds of thoughts haunt your day to day life, then it may be worth it to take a high school completion program and put those thoughts to rest. Counter negative self-talk by proving that you can do it, that you can succeed, and that you are capable of setting goals and making them happen.

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Promotions at work are sometimes only possible to those with specific credentials. Size up the competition. What do your workplace competitors have that you don’t? If someone else with the same seniority as you has their high school diploma or equivalent, you may want to consider getting your high school diploma to keep the competitive edge. With a High School Diploma you could open yourself to a promotion on the job and a greater income.

Universities and colleges require a high school diploma or equivalent in order to be considered as a student in their programs. If you have a strong desire to go back to school, to pursue higher education, or to specialize in a specific technical skill, then you should look into what the requirements are for the desired program and consider getting your High School Diploma. A High School Diploma  can open educational doors. Getting your High School Diploma not only declares your intentions for your career, but it also shows that you are self-motivated and able to set goals and stick to them.

If you’re just starting out in the workforce, you may find that a High School Diploma will make you a more competitive candidate for potential employers. The job market is getting more and more competitive, bachelors degrees are becoming more common and therefore it’s difficult to make an impact and stand out as a candidate without the head start that a high school diploma or equivalent would give you. If you feel you’re at a disadvantage and you’re tired of feeling unqualified for job postings, it’s a good idea to consider getting your High School Diploma. Even if it mainly works to boost your confidence and open up further education through courses and on the job training, it’s a good idea to hone your skills.

These are just a few of the many reasons that people decide to get their High School Diploma. It’s a personal thing, but there’s no doubt that a High School Diploma can open doors and opportunities previously unavailable to high school dropouts.