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Do you want to be an Amazon best seller? Well, everyone is an Amazon Best Seller.They have thousands of categories.Today I will teach you how to write a book and become the best-selling author of the New YorkTimes.Some of you know this about me, and some of you do not, but I am a coauthor of a book called Hustle.We came to the New York Times best seller list, not three times in a row.

If I can do it, I have terrible grammarandwriting; this means that you can do it too.Here’s how to write a book and publicize it.# 1: you have to sell a ton of copies in the first weekIf you sell a lot of copies in the first week, you’re more likely to get to the New York Timesbestseller list.But you know what? The sale of many books at the same time is difficult. But this is what they do not tell you. If you sell books a year in advance, all book sales count for your first week. If you sell a lotof books,everything goes for your first week.So pre-order as many books as you can.

Do not sell only online; You have to sell them in bookstores like Barnes & Nobles, you have to sell them in Amazon, you have to sell them to the corporations.The next thing they do not tell you is that it’s all discretionary. If you want it to be on the bestseller list, it will; and if they do not, even if you sell many copies, you will not do it.So make sure you have a good editor.2: create a ton of press.If people see a lot of printing with book sales, it’s much more credible. If they do not, it’s not sobelievable. That’s what they do not tell you, and that’s how I got to the New York Times bestseller list.

These are twothings I’ve done. You need a lot of sales of business books. I do not care if you’re selling to consumers or businesses, you need a lot of book sales.The easiest way to get it isfrom other companies or conferences, assuming you’re a paid speaker. If you can persuade them to buy in bulk, they are much more likely to do it.

The reason why Aust hit is not because I have a large following of social networks.It’s because I came to many big companies and I traded services. I said, “Hey, I’ll do your marketing” in exchange for the purchase of books worth $ 100,000. “I’ve done itfivetimes, which means I’ve sold $ 500,000 of books to companies when I exchange services.” Did you hear the nameof Gary Vaynerchuk? Well, who does not know? Do you know how it looks on the Best list? The New York Times seller many times?When he takes part in conferences and conferences, he forces them to buy books. Before you have a new book coming out, many of these conferences are buying your book and this helps you appear on the New York Times bestseller list.

# 3: We use a company called a source of results. What I did not know is that youcan do it just by pushing Barnes & Nobles and all the major book providers.What they do is take all their pre-sale money, and take that money, and distribute them to Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon, and many random places; So itseems legitimate and, in quotation marks, natural.So, the New York Times believes it is completely natural, and then appears on the list, and can reach it for several weeks in a row.What these companies do is that they not only launchbooks at the same time, because the York Times is becoming fashionable. They launch it for a period of severalweeks because they can access the weekly list and the monthly list.If you want to access the list, do not immediately run all book sales.Makethemspread out.