Do If the students got paid, they would get

Do you think college athletes should be paid ? The NCAA does not like when companies sponsor athletes.  TV deals and sponsorships are growing (Brill 3 of 3).  A tournament called March Madness brings in over 770 million dollars from only one tournament that’s a lot of money (Sack 2 of 2). Most coaches get paid millions per year (Brill 1 of 3).  The coaches are not in there amatur status so they are paid (Sack 1 of 2).

 Also they are paid because it is there job. College Athletes should not be paid because the NCAA want to keep the in there amature status. The NCAA does not pay athletes but some can get paid by endorsements.  Also athletes can be recruited with scholarships but they are not paid to play (Brill 3).  The NCAA does not want to pay athletes. They want them to be focused on their studies.

 Some endorsements are like a commercial with a company.  Also it could be a photo shoot about that person.  Those endorsements can pay a lot. TV and sponsorships are growing with college athletes (Brill 3).  Many Companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok want to sponsor players or teams.

 Also TV stations such as ESPN, CBS Sports, and Sports Center Sponsorships are growing to include opportunities like sponsoring a tournament.  The NCAA offers scholarships from colleges.  At first, NCAA rules allowed these scholarships to be awarded for four years (Sack 1).   At schools that award not-athletic scholarships like those of Ivy League or Division 3 schools, athletes are students first (Brill 2). The NCAA wants to keep athletes focused on their studies.  If the students got paid,  they would get caught up in the fame,  so the NCAA does not pay them,  but that is not the only reason.  The NCAA makes a student complete one year of college before he or she can be drafted.  This way,  the athletes learn something so they have a plan  just in case the professional sport does not work out.

Many Students will make it to the NBA, NFL, or another professional league if they are in a D1 college, and they will get paid there. Also the NBA pays all athletes.  The NBA can draft players once they have completed one year of college.

 Many players do complete more than one year of college before getting drafted,  so most player get a decent education.  Some players went right into the draft before that rule was in place.  One very famous example is Lebron James.The NCAA earns over 770 million dollars on a tournament called March  Madness.  Many wonder why they do not pay the athletes if they make that much.  The NCAA wants to keep the focus on what is most important,  school (Sack 2).  Many coaches make millions per year (Brill 3).

 In conclusion,  the NCAA does not pay students to motivate them to stay focused on their studies.  Also Because they want them to stay in their amateur status.  The NCAA does not pay athletes, but some can get paid by endorsements.  Many Students will make it to the NBA, NFL, or other leagues.

 If they are in a Division 1 college, and they will get paid there.