DIGITAL are to be projected from digital marketing strategies

DIGITALMARKETINGABSTRACTDigital marketing is prominenttoday and is also known as internet marketing,e-marketing and web marketing, which can be defined as ‘achievingmarketing objectives by applying media and digital technologies’. An indepth studyof digital marketing throws light on the following facts and is in conjunction with online communicationtechniques including the likes of interactive tools, insights,marketing, advertising, blogs, promotions, social media, e-books, reviews andbranding assets. An increase in devices to read digital media has resulted inthe simultaneous growth of digital marketing.The research mainly focuses ondiscovering what is new in digital marketing, innovative ways to market online,to use channelized methods that enables an organisation to analyse marketingcampaigns and to understand what is practically effective. Digital marketing isdependent mainly on rapidly evolving and changing technology. Eye-catchingfeatures are to be projected from digital marketing strategies anddevelopments. These techniques are a great helpin acquiring new customers and servicing the existing customers.

This helps indeveloping the customer relationship through e-CRM and marketing automation. However,for digital marketing to be successful, there is still a need for integrationof these techniques with traditional media such as print, TV and direct mail aspart of multichannel marketing communications.Digital marketing is done carefullywith the help of strategy, planning and implementation.

Digital marketing is anall-encompassing term for all your online marketing efforts. Marketing hasalways been about connecting with your clients at the right place and at theright time. It has a huge potential with clients who can be chosen from theusers of world wide web.

There is a huge spectrum of tactics like emailmarketing, digital advertising, online brochures and lots more.Keywords: Digital marketing, blogs,insights, social media.INTRODUCTIONThe people whoreceive the information or buy products and services have migrated fromtraditional to on-line media and a greater number of them are accessing thedesired news from specialized sites and mobile devices globally round theclock. Digital marketing methods are faster, more practical andversatile than the traditional ones. Digital marketing is the number one agenda of many marketersand for those who are looking for innovative ways to market online, reduce costper lead and to discover what’s new in the internet marketing.Internethas opened tremendous potential for digital marketing opportunities forconducting businesses.

This form of marketing is less scrutinized than thetraditional marketing i.e. television or print media or radio or newspapers butis pervasive for young adults who have grown up surrounded by digitaltechnologies and have a strong online presence. Digital marketing had becomemore profitable in the recent years because it works directly with the digitalworld we live in.

Technology has put business in the digital age and using technologies has made thelives of the people easier. DEFINITIONDigital Marketinghas been defined by different marketers as:  “At a high level, digital marketing refers toadvertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines,websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a widerange of marketing activities, all of which are not universally agreed upon.” “Anytime you useconnected devices to reach people with your content, you’re engaging in digitalmarketing.” “What truly definessuccessful digital marketing is an agile framework that integrates three basicelements that might be more internally focused: people, process andtechnology.

” MEANINGDigital marketing is anoverall term, which is used where advertising and marketing is combined withweb innovation and different kinds of online media platforms. It can beunderstood as a well-targeted, quantifiable, and interactive marketing ofproducts by utilizing digital advancement to satisfy the potential customersand convert them into clients. The whole concept of Digital Marketing is tomake one’s effort more competent, effective, result-oriented and quantifiable,which makes it much more profitable than traditional marketing. Digital Marketing becomes more effective when there isaudience segmentation, when the data is measured more effectively and whenthere is a potentially larger and more of a personal reach to its customers orclients.

UNDERSTANDING WHAT IS REALLY DIGITALMost expertsbelieve that ‘digital’ is not just yet another channel for marketing, itrequires a new approach to marketing and a new understanding of customerbehavior. 1.       Notadvertising, but advertainmentDigital marketing is based on both the advertiser’scontent and shared content from others.

But, instead of forcing people to viewthe advertising copy, the goal must be to use advertainment, which combinescorporate messages with entertainment. 2.       Peerrecommendations’Word of mouth’ is the biggest recommendation for purchasers.Before the advent of digital marketing, word of mouth was a low-key affair, butdigital marketing amplified those voices. A picture is worth a thousand words. Sharingphotographs on social networks catch the viewer’s interest.

Peer recommendationamplify the firm’s marketing efforts without any investment3.       Digital isdata-driven Direct marketing gave an immediate feedback while theadvertisements in the print media was not so easy to analyse. ‘Directmarketing’ helped in analyzing the data, determine the impact of the marketing strategyand predict the probable returns on the investments made. By analyzing the dataavailable, an informed analyst can determine the marketing strategies bestsuited for optimum reach.4.       Digitalmarketing isn’t just different, it’s betterThe traditional media, whether it is television, radioor newspaper no longer holds the interest of the common man. Instead in thedays of the internet, Netflix gained superiority over the television, onlinenewspapers are preferred to the printed ones and online playlists are preferredover radio programs. Thus, advertisements are reduced to a minimum as they aresimply fast-forwarded and only the actual program is viewed.

Therefore, it isnow the day of digital marketing.   OBJECTIVESOF DIGITAL MARKETINGThe supreme purpose of the digitalmarketing is concerned with consumers and allows the customers to interminglewith the product by virtue of digital media. To achieveone’s business mission and targets on the internet, you need to identifydigital marketing objectives that help online promotional activities.The main purpose is to promote products through different forms of digitalmedia.

Marketing objectives are basically marketing strategies set in order toachieve the overall organizational objectives.Thedigital marketing objectives should be SMARTand targets appropriately set, to ensure that you are more effective. SMART:      Specific       Measurable       Actionable      Relevant       Time-bound  WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Inorder to achieve the goal, the foundation of the strategy should be based onDigital Marketing Campaigns by generating more leads. Long term strategies are ofno less importance as they are tactics which contribute to the overall successof the campaign.          WHAT IS DIGITAL STRATEGY Digital marketingstrategy is the set of actions which will help achieve goals using web marketing.The term ‘strategy’ might seem over-whelming, but building up an effectivedigital strategy can be quite easy.

In other words, a strategy is just a planof action to achieve the goal. Depending on the turnover of one’s business, thedigital marketing strategy might involve a variety of inputs to achieve varioustargets. Let us examine the difficulties involved and work out solutions whichcan help create an effective digital marketing strategy to set up a successfulonline business.

 EFFECTIVE DIGITAL MARKETINGSTRATEGIES  For you to get themost out of digital marketing, you must be at par with the emerging marketingstrategies. You will achieve this objective by maintaining an active onlinepresence. Interact with expert marketers both online and offline with a goal oflearning more from them. Try new things regularly to increase the popularity ofyour business on the web.

      IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS AND DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLSYour marketing goals should always be tied back to the fundamental goals of the business.Whatever your overarching goal is, you need to know how to measure it, and moreimportant, actually be able tomeasure it. How you measure the effectiveness of your digital strategy will bedifferent for each business and dependent on your goals, but it’s vital toensure you’re able to do so, as it’s these metrics which will help you adjustyour strategy in the future.      PERSONAL BRANDINGThis strategyinvolves letting customers know who you are and what drove you toentrepreneurship. A large number of successful businesses out there arerecognized by entrepreneurs who lead them. Branding yourself enables you to network,meet, and form partnerships with other visionary leaders.      SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION SEO is one of the most effective tools for digitalmarketing since it is used to improve the visibility of a particular brand onsearch engines.

Products or services sold via your website are likely to sellfast when your brand is visible in search engine results. Your brand’s searchengine ranking is influenced by your content development strategy and technicalstructure of your website.      EMAIL MARKETING Email marketing is the cheapest online marketingstrategy you can use to let customers know about your products, services, andexciting deals. What is needed is to collect subscribers from the social mediaaccounts and existing customer base. Create email newsletters on daily, weekly,or monthly basis targeting your clients. Include hyperlinks of new deals,products or services to drive traffic to your website.      SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGSocial networking sites make the Internet an excitingplace to visit regularly.

These sites facilitate communications betweenbillions of users daily. You should own at least three social media accountsfor your customers to keep abreast with your enterprise’s progress. Use theseaccounts to drive traffic to your website by posting links to innovative andnew services and products. Respond to customers’ feedback on the sites usingpositive language to maintain your brand’s reputation.      RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGNYou will achieve this objective by maintaining anactive online presence. Interact with expert marketers both online and offlinewith a goal of learning more from them. Try new things regularly to increasethe popularity of your business on the web.

Your web page should have easynavigation bars. It should also allow visitors to reach you by clicking on anemail address or phone number.      CONTENT MARKETINGContent marketing is a versatile, useful, andincredible digital marketing strategy that you can use to inform your customersconcerning your services or products.

The company should also comprise ofdedicated sales professionals for this job. The sales professionals shouldundergo quality salestraining on a yearly basisto familiarize themselves with the ever-changing digital marketing trends. Thistraining also enables them to adopt best practices, set realistic goals, sellefficiently, and have less turnover in sales. The media should be availedonline for clients to download and learn more about the enterprise.      FACEBOOK MARKETINGFacebook includes the most powerful social media marketing features thatallow marketers to provide videos, photos, longer description option andtestimonials on their Facebook page for others to see. Marketers can make agroup or join a group of their liking on Fb and ask questions or give answersrelated to topics associated with your kinds of businesses. There are automatedscheduling tools available to automate Facebook Marketing, which makes it oneof the most quantifiable SMM channels incorporated in most of the basics ofdigital marketing e-guides.

       WEB ANALYTICS Web Analytics is thereview, examinations, and reporting of a web information and data formotivations behind comprehension and enhancing web utilization. This strategyis helpful to quantify what numbers of individuals have gone by a site, and howfrequent they have used the site or what course they have selected to reachyour site. This is thoroughly covered during introduction to Digital Marketing.Different Web analytics tools can be used to measure whether your site page isworking effectively or not.

Most common Web Analyticstools are Google Analytics, IBM Coremetrics web analytics, Adobe sitecatalyst, IBM’s Unica Netsight, Piwik, Yahoo marketing dashboard, Moz, etc.      TWITTER MARKETING Twitter marketing is the latest tool to explore a new customer basewithout invading their privacy. Twitter is a micro blogging service that helpsa two-way communication between the marketers and potential clients. Aftercreating a personal page in twitter, one can upload the site and shareinformation regarding the business.      LINKEDIN MARKETING LinkedIn connects professionals from varied backgrounds.

Therefore, itis a preferred channel for digital marketing. It provides professionals achance to expand their business by connecting with other businessprofessionals. LinkedIn members have an opportunity to promote their companydirectly to their clients by using widgets. “Company Page” can also be createdon LinkedIn which is as good as a business resume for your client to have anoverview about the business.      EVALUATING THE EXISTING DIGITAL CHANNELS AND ASSETSThe owned, earned, and paid media framework helps tocategorize the digital assets, or channels that you’re already using.Owned Media refers to the digital assets that your brand or companyowns — whether that’s your website, social media profiles, blog content, orimagery, owned channels are the things your business has complete control over.

Earned Media refers to the exposure you’ve earned through online word-of-mouth.Whether that’s content you’ve distributed on other websites or the customer satisfactionyou’ve delivered, earned media is the resultant recognition. You can earn mediaby getting press write-ups, positive reviews and also by ‘going viral’ onsocial media.Paid Media is a bitself-explanatory in what its name suggests and it refers to any channel thatyou spend money on to catch the attention of your buyer personas.

This includesthings like Google AdWords, paid social media posts, native advertising likesponsored posts on other websites and any other medium for which you directlypay in exchange for visibility.ADVANTAGES OF DIGITALMARKETING1.       Onebenefit to using digital marketing is that the results are much easier tomeasure2.       A digitalcampaign can reach an infinite audience. 3.       Digitalmarketing is cost-efficient4.       Digitalmarketing is also a very interactive means of reaching an audience since itmakes use of social outlets.

5.       There canbe plenty of direct contact between the audience and the business which meansthat the business can get some very valuable consumer feedback.6.       Potential for business in previously non exploredcommunities and target markets7.       Broadening of overall business potential and increase inexposure8.       Youraudience can choose how they want to receive your content9.       Better market research and analysisDISADVANTAGES OF DIGITALMARKETING1.

    Real-timecustomer complaints and feedback. 2.    Customercomplaints and feedback visible and open for scrutiny from the public.3.    Your digital footprint becomes too much to handle – Turnto negative online reputation 4.    Increasedusage of business and personal resources to manage and control your socialmedia campaign.

5.    Not enough knowledge to take the right steps and followan optimised process6.    Training and expertise necessary to manage social mediato the optimum7.    Not enough ROI for the amount of risk and effortCOMPANIES THAT UTILISE DIGITAL MARKETING IN INDIA     iProspectIndia      Mirum India     Ogilvy PublicRelations Worldwide      iStrat     BCWebwise     Resultrix     Reprise MediaIndia     To The New Digital     Xebec Digital     Social Panga CONCLUSIONThe planning and theresearch is done and now there is a solid vision of the elements that are goingto make up the digital marketing strategy.

As generations evolve and technologydevelops, the advancement in the field of marketing and advertisements has beenimmense. No longer are businesses bound by the limitations of traditionalmarketing techniques. Based on thediscussion it has been found that in case of the digital marketing the mostimportant aspect is to connect with the users. The ladder of engagement hasshown the approaches to attach with the customers.

The study has also revealedthat in order to utilise the digital marketing in an effective way, thecompanies are required to design an effective platform. The transition ofnewspaper from the printed version to the online version has been exemplifiedthe current trends of the digitalisation. Internet marketing is all about being available wheneverand wherever customers may need you, rather than just popping up once in awhile for attention. Modern market hastransferred to the online world where companies can now reach customersworldwide, using different forms of online marketing. Not only does thisincrease the potential market and the number of potential customers, but italso provides companies with the chances of establishing the position on globalmarket and thus reaching for greater success and achievement of long-termgoals.I feel that my research provided distinct insight onhow organizations can use their social media for social marketing. My study isone of the first of studies like this.

It takes time to compile researchespecially on digital media since it is constantly evolving and moving forward.