Did unplug the power cord you contribute to global

Did youknow that every time you forget to unplug the power cord you contribute toglobal warming? Global warming is an increase in the earth’s averageatmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate. Globalwarming is a profound problem in our daily life and should be stopped. Eventhough global warming has been known as a serious problem, not everyonerealizes that its impacts on us are severe. Barack Obama said, “There’s oneissue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than anyother, and that is the urgent threat of a changing climate.” This quote gives adetailed account of how hazardous global warming or a climate change can be.Countless researchers from various countries have been trying their best tofind the actual causes out to undermine the effects of global warming. Innovativepolicies and solutions have been created by World Health Organization andUnited Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change.

It is extremely vital toslow down the pace of global warming because global warming damages theeconomics, environments, and us.Understandingthe causes of global warming is first step to restrain the effects. Most peopleknow that global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels and greenhouse gasbecause it has been a worldwide sensation for more than five years.

However,most of them cannot tell how the fossil fuels contribute to global warming andwhat the fossil fuels are. What we need the most in our daily life is energy. Energyin our life is used in miscellaneous ways such as transportation, cooking,watching movies, and all that sort of things. Therefore, the nations need largeamounts of energy. In most of the cases, the governments determine burningfossil fuels like coal and oil because it is much cheaper than other sources. Sincethe fossil fuels were made by the remains of ancient organisms, the burning offossil fuels releases around 19 million barrels of carbon dioxide and greenhousegases every day, which is sure enough to contaminate the whole world (EESI). Thecarbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that were produced when burning fossilfuels weakens the atmosphere that blocks sunshine.

As the atmosphere gets weakened,our world gets hotter. Equally significantly, deforestation to make flat lands takesan important role in global warming. According to the World Carefree Network (WCN), “cars andtrucks account for about 14 percent of global carbon emissions, while mostanalysts attribute upwards of 15 percent to deforestation.” As most people realize, plants and trees in forest clean and purify carbon dioxideinto clear oxygen. However, a lot of industries and companies cut down the forestfor their own benefits. The carbon dioxide that originally could have been purifiedin to fresh air goes up to the atmosphere and leads to the global warming due tothe deforestations.

“32 million acres of tropical rainforest were cut down each year between2000 and 2009—and the pace of deforestation is only increasing,” quoted EnvironmentalDefense Fund (EDF). And the result of deforestation will be much crueler than whatpeople can think of.