Developing will belong and can thrive, both academically and

 Developing a school that is modern, dynamic, friendly, unpretentious and diverse has been a strenuous ride with the destination set to help students become independent learners where they play a critical role by assessing their own learning. I envisioned Bahria Town School and College, employing strategies designed to improve study skills and increase student self-efficacy and ability to self-regulate their emotional, academic, social and physical needs and our growth marks the success of my plans. The goal was never to increase the amount of knowledge but to create possibilities for a child to invent and discover. Educating young minds not to learn but learn how to learn, empowering them to make choices and emboldening them to chase their dreams. Here the students not only  enjoy superb facilities but more importantly get excellent teachers and support staff who are  dedicated to working together to offer the balanced all-round education which is a promise that  I had made to myself. We concentrate on their particular interests, building their confidence, self-esteem and focus on strategies for instilling ideas of courage, truth and tolerance in them. Once students develop the passion for learning they never cease to grow.

The educators at Bahria Town School and College are constantly refining the art of teaching and are continually equipping themselves with research-based instructional and assessment practices so that we plan a unique journey for our children, resulting in establishing a positive and friendly community in which they will belong and can thrive, both academically and personally. We want to inspire every pupil to take advantage of the incredible breadth of opportunities available. My commitment to every student here is that they will acquire new knowledge, skills and interests of course, but also a strong set of values so that they walk out of Bahria Town School and College as accomplished and skilled members of the society.    

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