Despite T.V. series and in 1953 got a lead

Despite the fact
that he was colorblind or was kicked off his college football team while on a
scholarship, Paul Newman managed to arguably have one of the best acting
careers ever in Hollywood history. But none of that mattered compared to what
he did for the people. On January 26, 1925,
Paul Leonard Newman was born in Cleveland, Ohio. According to,
, ”Newman grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio with his older brother Arthur
and his parents Arthur and Teresa.”

Some of Newman’s
biggest influences, his parents, helped him become who he was. Newman’s dad,
Arthur Newman was the son of immigrants from Poland and Hungary and was Jewish;
he also ran a very successful sporting goods store. Teresa Newman was a
homemaker, better known as a housewife,
and had a passion for theatre. Teresa’s passion for theatre rubbed off on
Newman but it was not enough. Newman did school plays in high school, but it
didn’t match his love for football. Paul played football in high school and had
hopes to become a professional athlete.
After graduating high school, Newman briefly went to college, and then enlisted
in the U.S. Navy Air Corps. Originally, Paul had hoped to become a pilot, but
was told he couldn’t because he was colorblind. Instead he worked as a radio
operator for three years during World War II serving in the Pacific. After
leaving the Navy, Newman went to Kenyon College in Ohio on a football
scholarship, but would major in theater his last two years because he got in
trouble. “I got thrown in jail and kicked off the football team. Since I was
determined not to study very much, I majored in theater
the last two years,” he told Interview
magazine in 1998.

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Paul finished
college in 1949 and met his first wife Jacqueline Witte while doing summer
stock theater in Wisconsin. They, later on, got married, and Paul continued to
act until in 1950 Paul’s father tragically died. After moving back to Shaker
Heights, Ohio to take over the family business and where his first kid Scott
would be born, Paul realized that this wasn’t the right path. So, Newman got
his brother Arthur to run the business and moved to New Haven, Connecticut.
After shortly attending Yale University’s School of Drama he was running out of
money and relocated to New York City. He acted in a few T.V. series and in 1953
got a lead role in a very successful Broadway play called Picnic. Through this play, he met actress Joanne Woodward. There was
a strong attraction, but Paul was married and Susan, his second child, was born
that year. Paul and his family moved to Hollywood sometime in the mid-1950s.
Newman played in the movie The Silver Chalice
(1954) and was so embarrassed by his performance he put out an ad in the
newspaper apologizing to anyone who had seen the movie. He would later redeem
himself in the movie Somebody Up There
Likes Me (1956) as he starred as the famous boxer Rocky Goziano. Paul would
later be cast in The Long, Hot Summer
(1958) co-starring with Joanne Woodward, while filming they realized they were
meant to be together and so did Paul’s wife Jackie. Jackie filed a divorce and
then Paul and Joanne would later get married in Las Vegas in January 1958 and
had their honeymoon in London. They would also end up having three daughters
and raising them in Westport, Connecticut. By this time, Paul Newman was one of
the best actors of the decade and had already received his first Academy Award
for Best Actor.

In the 1980’s
Newman started his own food company. It started out with him giving out salad
dressing as Christmas gifts, but Paul and his friend decided to keep the
leftovers and tried to sell the dressing to stores. According to ”the two went on to
found Newman’s Own, whose profits and royalties are used for educational and
charitable purposes. The company’s product line now extends from dressings to
sauces to snacks to cookies. Since the inception of Newman’s Own, over $250 million
has been donated to thousands of charities worldwide.” Paul also founded the
Scott Newman Center after his son died due to an accidental overdose of
alcohol and prescription drugs. The foundation tries to stop drug abuse through
educational programs and was founded in 1978. Other charities and foundations
supported by Paul Newman include The Painted turtle, Wilderness Safaris
Wildlife Trust, Canary Foundation, Children in the Wilderness, Help USA,
International Rescue Committee, Nalip, and he also established Hole in the Wall
Camps for children with illnesses. Paul influenced society by donating every
last penny of his profits to charities and foundations

102 is the total
amount of awards/nominations Paul Newman has received. He was nominated 7 times
for the Academy Award for Best actor and Stayed home to avoid the embarrassment
of losing again, but on March 30, 1987, he was finally awarded an Oscar for the
year’s best performance by an actor. He also won 4 Golden Globes, in the year
1957, 1969, 1984, and in 2006. Paul Newman also won the James Beard Award for
Humanitarian of the Year in 1995. In total, Newman was nominated 65 times and
won 37 awards.

On September 26, 2008, Paul Leonard Newman aka King Cool died in
his home in Westport, Connecticut due to Lung Cancer. He was a heavy smoker for
close to three decades and died 30 years after he quit smoking. He was 83 years
old. Paul Newman was a great man, a famous actor, a phenomenal Humanitarian, a
father of 6, the voice of Doc Hudson from Disney Pixar’s Cars, and a professional race car driver. A life well lived. R.I.P King Cool.