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Departmentof education, (2015) the government policy looked after children and adoptionwas set by the government to the quality ofcare and the stability of placements for looked-after children, be they inresidential care homes or with a foster family, so that all children cansucceed in life. Government are encouraging more people to adopt and to reducethe time it takes for children to be placed with a family, as well as to makesure adoptive families get the provision to make sure all looked-after childrenobtain high-quality care, we will. maintain the current programme of evidence-based early interventions for looked-after children and for those on the edge ofcare.

ensure the practical school head  in every council positions forchildren in care to get the support they need to succeed at school. holdquarterly meetings between children in care and ministers to make sure ourpolicies take their views into accountConclusion-to conclude this essay has discussed and analysed the twoEuropean countries England and Germany, this essay has explained and compareboth England and Germany perspectives of the children social services and thenature of the children and families in both the countries to show how Englandcan learn from Germany and the difference and similarities they both have incommon. Germany is different to England in the way they deliver services thisis because Germany is corporatist and is a neo-liberal, because England if aneo-liberal they delivered services differently. Furthermore, figures ofadoption and fostering in Germany is low than England in Germany its 3300whereas in England its 77,888 there is a big difference this show the lack ofsafeguarding children and most of in Germany children and families must seekhelp and apply for it whereas in England social workers find out or any onereports the sign of abuse.

In school’s teachers report to social services ifthey are worried about a children safety and if they believe the child is notbeen safeguarded by the parent furthermore, children themselves can report theabuse to seek help a friend or family number especially if the parent isstruggling and uses drugs or neglect the child.