Delivery introduction of corporate intranets and web-enabled HRIS. The

Delivery Tools/ Instruments – According to Ketlley and Reilly (2003), computerized human resource information system consists of a fully integrated, organization wide network of HR-related data, information, services, databases, tools and transactions. Technology has only recently developed in a way that enables eHRM to make its mark, especially the introduction of corporate intranets and web-enabled HRIS. The nature of the development path, however, varies considerably from organization to organization. Kavanagh and Thite (2008) reported that to improve effectiveness and efficiency in terms of service delivery, cost reduction and value-added services, HR departments came under pressure to harness technology that was becoming cheaper and more powerful. Sanayei and Mirzaei (2008) in empirical study aim at providing an explanation of e-HRM and introducing its activities and tools, after the investigation, the effect of various independent variables such as job satisfaction, professional commitment, and organizational commitment on the effectiveness of HRM as a dependent variable.

E-HRM tools such as intranet, extranet, HR portals; integrated HR suite software is rarely used, however according to expert’s judgment if they are used, they would have a positive effect on HRM output in Iranian organizations. Florkowski and Olivas-Lujan (2006) examines the diffusion patterns of eight information technologies that are transforming HR service-delivery in North America and Europe: HR functional applications, integrated HR suites, IVR systems, HR intranets, employee and manager self-service applications, HR extranets, and HR portals. The overall diffusion was best characterized as an outgrowth of internal influences, fuelled primarily by contacts among members in the social system of potential adopters. Companies in the 21st century can be broadly said to have adopted at least one of the above mentioned e-HRM technologies. 

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