December new feature! All developers now can offer their

December presents: Apps Pre-Ordering on the App StoreDecember updates: Apps Pre-Ordering on the App StoreAre your apps ready for pre-order? Offering Your Apps for Pre-OrderNot so long ago there was a great App Store update with a big amount of new features, but this Monday Apple announced another great new feature!  All developers now can offer their applications for pre-order! “Build excitement for your new app by making it available for pre-order,” says Apple and… Yes, we’ll do it, right? :)Pre-ordering application is a great way to show your idea to users before the official release.  With this feature, Apple has added an all-new ‘Pre-Orders’ section in the App Store, with already include several applications. This feature is applied not only to iOS but also to macOS and tvOS apps.  Apple even add new App Store badge for pre-orders that you can use in your marketing channels (website, mailing list, and social media accounts) to let customers know that your application is now available for pre-order. Oh, but don’t forget to change it on the release day. It’s nice to see that pre-order option has been opened up to all developers and now they can use it to show apps to the customers before the official launch. It can be useful in way of getting some feedback from users before the release. It will help you to look at your app from the point of customer – to understand something like “Is my idea good?”, “Maybe I need to change something?” and “How can I get more people more excited about it?” and similar questions. Of cause, you can tell something like “But why I needed? I know that my idea is already perfect!”, but wait a minute. Nobody tells that idea is not perfect. Launching your app page to the App Store before the release can help to check app appearance. The first that customer so in the Store is your app name, icon, description and other metadata. This may help to see if the design and appearance are ready to catch user’s attention. In Sales and Trends section of iTunes Connect developers can see how much people request the pre-order app, from what country, what devices and etc. The same old-good analytics data is now available for pre-ordered apps too! Cool, right?  During your app is offered for pre-order you still can change its price, add or remove In-App Purchases or do some additional improvement. It is a way to offer application and sending it to the Big Bad World but with opportunity for easy updates and changes.  You can even remove your app from pre-order if needed. This feature will help you to get customers excited about your new applications ahead of launch. And the process for submitting an application for pre-order is simple to do. “To make your new app available for pre-order: 1 From the homepage, click My Apps, select the app, and select Pricing and Availability in the left column. You’ll see the Pre-Orders section if your app has never been published on the App Store. 2 Select Make available for pre-order, choose a date to release your app for download, then click Save in the upper-right corner. The release date must be at least two days in the future, but no more than 90 days in the future. 3 Submit your app for review. 4 Once your app is approved and you’re ready to make it available for pre-order, return to Pricing and Availability, confirm the date your app will be released for download, and click Release as Pre-Order in the upper-right corner.”?If there is still some questions Apple has also included an FAQ  with further information about the pre-order feature. Here developers can find all they need to know about this process. And… the day X is here! In the day of release, all of your customers will be notified of this happy event via notifications. If the application is free then it will be automatically downloaded to users devices. In case of paid application, all customer will be changed before the download. They need to do almost nothing for getting an app and even if they forget about “interesting app that I so at search results some time ago” they still will get it. It’s nice to know that this option has been introduced. With help of it, user and development experience can be upgraded and this is the goal, right? Let’s build new exited experience 🙂